CRYPTO WAR: ex-Ethereum Cardano Founder DECLARES WAR on Vitalik Buterin.

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Ex-Google Techlead responds to ex-Ethereum Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson’s declaration of war on Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin via the Lex Fridman interview.
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  1. The Crypto scene is run by a small group hyper homosexual alpha nerds who are hell bent on world domination and it's hilarious haha

  2. ADA100% Ethereum seems like a fucking mess! sold @4100 peace! I will HODL CARDANO till 2500!

  3. "The scrawny brainiac nerd vs the fat Linux nerd" I am in absolute bits man… XD XD XD

  4. Lol “we’re in it for the money” hahahahahhaha so f’n true, this guy videos are funny. He doesn’t try to be funny, makes him even funnier.

  5. Yessssss 🙌 we in it for the $$ I love that comment you made brother cut the BS lol 😂

  6. Completely disagree. Here for the technology just as much as the monetary gain. You just call them nerds and degrade them the whole time. What is the point of this??

  7. One point I would like to point out is that fabrication of general digital intellectual property is likely to turn more into a growth market. Therefore currencies that can validate well authenticity, that are adopted to well in the global market might have some long term and longer term growth prospects. However the further into the future you look predictability decreases but just maybe that's all I'm saying.

  8. The humor, Star Wars references, absence of "ex Google tech lead" comments. TechLead in rare form here.

  9. So Vitality… Is looking own eternity… Lol…. With etherium resources…

  10. Maybe YOU'RE in crypto for the money but I personally hate the current systems in place because they're just garbage, I want to see change.