Crypto World News interviews John McAfee [2018]

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We had the very fortunate opportunity to not only stay with John Mcafee at his home, but get some 1 on 1 time with him to answer some questions about cryptocurrency, bitcoin, Jihan Wu, Roger Ver, AI, and life in general on March 23, 2018.

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  1. OMG. Listen through to the end. I have never understood the concept presented so clearly, that the point of why the cryptos have been created gets completely lost when people buy them and put them away in wallets just to make the money. The innovations and ideas that could change the world get lost. I am guilty. All my cryptos are offline in a ledger, changing absolutely nothing. I am just waiting to cash them down the road. And I have been thinking I am so visionary buying cryptos! This has served to shake me up. I listen to a lot of interviews. If you can take away one or two ideas here and there, it is worth the listen. THIS interview was worth the listen, no matter what one might think of Mcafee. Yes, the guy can be called (is)outrageous and unsavory. But if you don't think he is brilliant, you would be mistaken.

  2. Went to the SEC filings on a crypto ICO and read everything I needed to know about the people and their families supporting this particular ICO. A lot of info in the easy to access SEC filings is very enlightening and sometimes entertaining… Such as the Mom of the principal was using multiple aliases in different states. Be careful folks…The SEC can't protect you from bad decisions but can deal with fraud when reported. The agency has not grown with our markets much like all our agencies.

  3. Great interview, Im 62 years old and my mother and father gave me the riches
    Of free thinking. And never condemned me from my thoughts. I believe that is
    What is missing in some peoples lives. They were never given a chance to express
    Their their true thoughts. As far as artificial intelegents goes, listen to the song
    Way back when "In the year 2525" if man is still alive, if woman can survive ?

  4. We would like to kindly ask you to make a paid review of our project.

  5. that seems like a serious case of ad/hd or drugs ?. drugs? Serious ticks he display or does he sitt on needels and pins?

  6. @24:14 They could put you in coercive detention until you uveal your funds and torture you in case of a totalitarian NWO government. Hardware wallets are distinctive devices that differ from normal memory sticks. It is like wearing an expensive watch.

  7. Very good domestic project, despite the fact that it is legally registered in England. A professional approach, a team with combat experience, ambitious goals. All this I see in the project TokenGO.Concourtents in the subject abound, do not give drows))

  8. Nice work. If I could make a suggestion. A little more professionalism with a personal introduction of you and your guest, camera light settings and angles. room set up for an “interview style format”.

    I don’t care but it’d be great for the masses to feel more comfortable watching.

  9. I like listening and watching John…….I think he is a very smart man…….I think Trump needs this man on his team to help prevent cyber nightmares in the future.  I think that the sec or whoever that is trying to catch this man, should try and get him to work for the good of this Country.  If he killed his neighbor , this is one thing and that is 100% wrong without question……but if he didn't or there is no evidence, protect this man and let him help the security of America…………I don't understand this World and some People within this World… seems it's backwards at times.

  10. GOD then Cloud = AI , AI got God by the ankle so now AI is somewhere btw God and humanity , AI sees knows everything and is everywhere

  11. No way Bitcoin will be worth a million by 2020. I wish, but I just don't see it.

  12. Joh McAfee is a Paid Crypto Promoter. Crypto companies pay him to sell the crap. Crypto is worthless Junk being sold as investing. Ita actually just gambling lol Better to invest in Stocks or Forex as Crypto will soon go to Zero!!!,,

  13. there No hope for humans, AT all, Simple greed and corruption, END . before you react to this THINK. People dont see this tech, for what it could be, Only Pump and dump, why Greed

  14. I don't agree with McAfee's premise that the last Bitcoin mined will be worth half a Trillion USD just because it will cost a fortune to mine it. Surely price is determined by what the market will bare. If there is not the demand then the difficulty will either be reduced or the miners will not mine it. So far the market is higher than the cost but this could change at any time. I think the wasted electricity used by duplicating the same code is morally reprehensible. There are ideas for these computers to do useful work in order to claim the next block instead of massive duplication. How this is achieved I don't know but it sounds good to me.

  15. jhon aman
    1 second ago
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    McAfee antivirus…he is smart than you stop talking shit about jhon.

  16. Lmfao McAfee ran rings round that first dude asking questions, BTCP will be big, the market cap proves that..haters can go suck it.

  17. lol that guy is on so much meth or coke its obvious as hell… he cant stay still for 1 second!

  18. So the next automation put will be corporations that have worker drones with skills that benefit nothing from talent, and owners who contract AI specialists minimize, outsource, or delete management.  Sounds utterly opaque to the law.  Human life will be legislated Non-Grata.  In the 80's BB's were full of kiddie porn and anything non-tradable.  Except crypto formulas.  Any crypto explanation would result in the user being tracked down (it was easy back then) and dragged into a soundproof room where he signed a raft of pledges to not repeat the communications, nor a list of similar but seemingly absurd other statements, and to reveal nothing of the agreement to anyone no matter the confusion that may have resulted.  It was a perversion born of good ol' 'merican scarcism and refusal of taxing authorities to cooperate with any efforts at economic efficiency.  Sex be all!  It's the same now.  Nothing has changed.  Crypto is a mandated complicator to our economic contributions, so that only a few may prosper and toe-the-line in fear for being cast down with the sodomites.  The field needs leadership, but they are up against Satan!

  19. I believe you do have a crystal ball to keep hands and feet in constant rotation

  20. "private or normal coin to adaption? " 😀 lol look at these words "crypto" currencies i prefer nobody know and only need adaption to sell the chinese mined coins

  21. Lmao! McAfee is a legend! He can take loads of cocaine and get away with it but i couldn't work out who was more high. John or singelplayer. Lmfao! The amount of times they touched their noise, had clenched jaws, dry mouth and wiped their nostrils. Wow! You can edit all you want but you can't change or control your body language. singleplayer done way too much cocaine in this interview lmfao. too funny. i knew he was high on coke when he has been on twitch. Literally twitching hahaha

  22. John McAfee needs to lookafter better himself, I can see Parkinson's or heart failure. Great interview!