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  1. Dan. Sent this to B Huggins on a Pm on twitter. Great interview with Charles. Hodl both ADA, Litecoin (my main coin) and also including DGB as of 3 weeks ago. The whole community needs to stop cheering for a team or coin. Too many good projects out there to invest in to. Tried to send you the link to this video on twitter, but wasn't able to.

  2. Xby will trash all of this as soon as patent is confirmed and zoltchain is live. Dyor!

  3. If you know how to trade the dips during a bull run you can easily see 1000% gains or more.

  4. I agree 100 %, even if you bought at higher levels, like me, it is always good to DCA at lower levels in projects you believe in, and it doesn't hurt that Coinbase did what they did. FYI, I try to let the short ad's play, to help you out any way I can. you have 2 mouths to feed now 😉

  5. It is already late to invest in Bitcoin. You will not make many X-es on it) It is better to draw attention to 0x (ZRX) token. It has very good chances to make X50 this year. You can buy coins at the Binance exchange and they are also distributed in airdrop

  6. Great response to an amazing question!! Dan do you personally have a litecoin shop for shirts or anything? I believe that’s a question a lot of us are wondering if you haven’t answered already!! Thanks be well and God bless!

  7. Great question from Jerry! Great response regarding ALTs. Love the question idea and email you now have. Keep it going Dan!

  8. I only have ALT coins at the moment… yes a higher risk… but higher reward… I believe we are still too early to be solid in BTC