Cryptocurrency Ban in India Latest News 🔥 Industry Discussion 💯 Regulation

Cryptocurrency Ban in India Latest News 🔥 Industry Discussion 💯 Regulation

Hello Doston, WazirX ke CEO Nischal Shetty se interview ke dohraan unhone bataya ki Industry ko Khushi hai ki Govt ne Cryptocurrency Regulation ke baare me sochna aur hame batana shuru kar diya hai.
6 months pehle kuch pataa nahi tha iske baare me. Conflicting reports aa rahe hai jisme News Agency waale bataa rahe hai ki Ban hoga aur Finance Minister Nirmala SItharaman Ji ne bola hai ki “No shut” matlab complete Ban nahi karenge aur ek window open rakha jaayega. Isko hu ek Road to regulation maan sakte hai lekin isme kaafi zyaada confusion hai. Government ne Industry players ke saath abhi tak kuch discussion nahi kiya hai. Abhi tak sirf theoretical aspect pe kaam kiya jaa raha hai. Iske baad practical aspect bhi dekha jaayega. Ban nahi hoga India me Cryptocurrency kyunki India me 10 million se zyaada log hai jinhone Cryptocurrency me Invest kiya hai. Restrictions bhi nahi honge Cryptocurrency Trading and as Asset rahne par. Government ko sirf ek hi problem hai, jo hai Cryptocurrency kaa use as a payment instrument/legal tender. Asset and trading kar sakte hai aisa IMC committee ke Chairman Subhash Chandra Garg ji ne bataya hai. Industry ke saath kaam karke ye clear ho jaayega ki kya decision lena chahiye practical point of view se. RBI ki CDBC ke baare me bhi baat ki jaha unhone bataya ki Other cryptocurrencies must not be used as currency aur INR ko substitute nahi karna chahiye.

Govt considers blocking IP addresses of cryptocurrency exchanges

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  1. Crypto King Keyur

    Doston, I hope ye video dekhne ke baad aapko Cryptocurrency ke baare me jo Positive Regulation aa sakta hai uske baare me information mili hogi 🔥

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  5. Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time.

  6. thank you ……very helpful video

  7. Ghanshyam Sandu

    REGULATION,Regulation,regulation,regulation,regulation,regulationregulation. iske alawa kuch bhi nahi hai

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  10. Online media

    Bro I don't know understand what you say because I don't no Hindi.
    My question is crypto ban future in India?
    Plz reply me❤️


  12. Manish Sharma

    Keyur wrx mai deposit to ho nhi rahe ….. how to deposit in wrx account

  13. Ayushman Halder

    All fake news to gain trp….no news from government the channels are making up all these news….🤬🤬🤬(youtubers are also faking news but not you bro☺)

  14. sanskar majiwala

    Muje to lagta he koi ban nhi hoga 🤩

  15. Ban ho gya Bhai……Dekho ab…news ….22 -3-2021
    Time —-08:25

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  19. Bitcoin already ban

  20. Really India is gonna banned Cryptocurrency ??

  21. Prejith Alex

    Saw a news which says government planning to block ip addresses of crypto exchanges

  22. Bro Kya cryptocurrency me trading karna Abe legal hai Ya illegal hai ?
    Kya Abe be trading karsakte hai
    Please share some information.

  23. Bitpax kaisa hai sir

  24. Veeresh Veeru

    Sir Crypto Currency Ban Hoga ya Regulation ayega …..????

  25. Ritish Kumar

    Thx broo🔥🔥🔥

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    Good news

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    Bhai ti hamesha positive vibes and positive news deta hai good info tnx bro

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    Sir longterm me btt ka target kya hai

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    Good information sir

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    Mujh rojgar mil gaya hai ban nahin ho chahiye

  31. P. S. Goswami

    Not banned…..

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