Dave Matthews Band – Joy Ride – LIVE – 7.24.19 MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre, Tampa, FL

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  1. Shoodoo Hammy

    Yes. More more more. Another lyrical nightmare for the sing-a-long crew. Love that Dave style. Q

  2. Stephan rocking the dingwall!!!

  3. Adam Marshall

    Dave's voice is cooking here. So good.

  4. Anthony OnAir

    What an awesome performance of a rare track… I hope this is a sign that they’re bringing this one out on the road with them this year!

  5. Stephanie Queen

    8 days til I'm in this pit again!!!!!!

  6. Love what Rashawn and Coffin do to this song.

  7. What a way to end the day 🎶💞

  8. Cheyenne Hedden

    Yeaaaah!! Thank ya!!!!!

  9. Goodness I love this band.

  10. Awesome they brought this one back but would’ve really preferred if they stuck to the originally lyrics. And yes I understand they were different every time but this is considerably different

  11. Jerrad McDonald

    Man I wish they were coming to Texas this summer.

  12. Shawnda Cooper

    Dave gives his ALL in every song sung. (Excellent to see LIVE)

  13. They sound super clean in this one! Stoked for the Gorge 🤘🏽

  14. Allison Edney

    Could you please play this in Raleigh??

  15. It was great to see this song come back in 2019

  16. Alec Bridges


  17. Al'Hassir Akh'Dugani

    What’s up DMBFam??

  18. This one is one I’d love to see this year ❤️

  19. Matias Gonzalez

    Amazing!!!! I was there. ❤️

  20. Holy fuck I'm so ready for this tour

  21. 🎉💝🤗😘😍🤩😉💯

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