Dave Portnoy is done with Bitcoin only after 1 week. The president of Barstool Sports got rekt in a big way and simply quit. In this video, let’s look David from the beginning, and the end and see what value lesson there is to learn.

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  1. I love watching this happen to people who try and take advantage of others.

  2. he needs to buy $ASS COIN

  3. Seriously You jest?

    Dave was done before it began.

  4. Allistair Tenpenny


  5. I recently sold all of my $ETH and then watched it go up another 15% and then up to ATH. I could have made some more money. I lost out on so much in 2017 and I'm not willing to do it again. Losing 20% because it went up is better than losing 50% because it went down. Tightly hodling in my Atomic Wallet where my funds are safe.

  6. Irubiel Moreno

    Portnoy Paper hands 🧤🗞️

  7. Lolol shook him out so easy

  8. LOL , he only owns allot of money he ,'s not really an example of smart money .

  9. Zach Stetson

    It's not as volatile because if you look at the stock market you C50 percents everywhere Both ways you will never see the crash like you did in 2008. It's not that volatile he just put too much money and when it was up and he didn't do his own work. He has easy to throw money and watch your money go up and then lose it all and that's why he'll never come back and he'll do the same in the stock market. That will crash before crypto ever does as they mirror each other but after that crash bit coin is doing to go to

  10. Zach Stetson

    i laughed so hard. hes gonna fail in both

  11. Zach Stetson

    what an idiot!!!! you cant always win. Just like this stock market it goes up-and-down you have to learn trends only buy bit coin on Thursday sell on Sunday

  12. Zach Stetson

    Who are these people I swear to God none of you know what you're talking about you're just compared to gold like it's funking actually valuable it's not it's what it can do that makes it valuable. I can now trade with literally anyone in the world that makes it valuable. That is it don't compare it to anything else because is not like anything else no wonder no one gets it. It's a new stock market a new way to get public assets out there so I can invest in it simple. No middle man nobody controlling the market

  13. Zach Stetson

    yesss!! bc it corrected itself

  14. What a massive spoilt baby. He deserved to lose his money. If he had've actually known the fundamentals he was buying with LINK he wouldve known just to HODL and ride it out. I can't believe people actually follow this guy for financial advice. Absolute amateur. Once the Fed stops their money printing he'll get REKT in Amazon, Apple etc as well.

  15. Mr VanGlamping

    Of course he sold he had weak hands on something he knew nothing about. Dumb

  16. Bitcoin is rising everyday and investors are making good profits but its never too late to invest in crypto market.

  17. John Barrett

    Portnoy is nothing more than a really, really ignorant guy.
    Can we move on?

  18. Kenneth Clark

    Wait until BTC and LINK go in another bull run

  19. Looks like u can be an idiot and have 100M $ Net worth. I am glad crypto ate his ego and money within 1 week. He is one of those people who will buy crypto x10 from here and probably get rekt by correction again. Hahaha

  20. Too big for his britches, this market will humble you real quick.

  21. Wasn't wearing his big boy pants!

  22. A fool and his money are soon REKT 😂

  23. Kahpe Productions

    He did the classic buy high, sell low.

    I mean cmon how dumb can you be?

  24. God Dave is a fucking Moron

  25. Meat head

  26. JohnEnergy2012

    Impatient fucker.

  27. This guy wanted to make a pump and dump coin and get wrecked before he even started

  28. unknown matrix

    he probably did not watch any decent crypto vlogs or DYOR before he decide to pump and dump? (i just watched until 4:15 cause he looks clueless)

  29. He's an egocentric person, usually those people flop in these markets

  30. Dude couldn't handle the volatility

  31. Kayisi's Krazy Kitchen

    Dave: Invested $1,000,000 into bitcoin at a price of $10,000, price went up to $10,100 the next day and Dave says this is easy I’ll make millions. Over the next three days price of bitcoin drops to $9975 and Dave has had it. He sold at a loss of $25,000 and may never come back to crypto.

    Me: Invested $1000 in to bitcoin at a price of $10,000. I’ll hold it for a year and see how it works out.

  32. Who is Portnoy anyway? Who would invest so much money all at once in something they clearly don’t understand? Especially when the market is at its yearly ATH and sell in the first red day?

  33. Chris Perkins

    Don't be a Portnoy

  34. The Audacious Investor

    Even when I started out in crypto as a complete knoob with no one to mentor me I was not this stupid. Unbelievable.

  35. Don't fall for these manipulators drama.

  36. Forget about Bitcoin…Dave Portnoy will be living in a homeless shelter after the stock market crash. Guy is an idiot…

  37. Anthony Rodriguez

    This is why I don't listen to people that are new to the space when it comes to investing. Always do your own research, he lost money but all markets go up and down. This drop is nothing to me, it's another regular day in crypto. Investing in crypto is not for everyone ,he couldn't handle the volatility. This is why you hold and do dollar cost averaging.

  38. Dave Portnoy seems like a dousch baggy dude bro kind of guy and has no understanding of crypto…

  39. Shinil cheenan

    After 2 years you'll see the news saying dave portnoy is buying btc…this shit goes on and on

  40. Patrick G. Pots

    hundred millionaire loses 25k and leaves the market after a week? dude, I'm far from a millionaire and I'd shrug a 20k drop of my portfolio

  41. Patrick G. Pots

    strange, I'd thought he'd had a better nose for investing, badum.tssss

  42. wow 25K lost. Boy doesn't get any risk management and TA, just all in and hope it will go in my way

  43. 5:47 LMAO 🤣🤣

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