Deadpool 2 Banned Jokes and Deleted Scenes and Alternate Post Credits

Deadpool 2 Banned Jokes and Deleted Scenes, Alternate Post Credits Scene, Ryan Reynolds Funny Moments, Bloopers and Outtakes►
Deadpool Bloopers and Banned Jokes ►
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  1. Emergency Awesome

    Here's all my Deadpool 2 Deleted Scenes, Banned Jokes and Details on the Extended Cut of the movie they'll release later this year. An Extra 20 minutes of material!

  2. SilentWolf OfMidnight

    6:28 who's hand is that in the bottom right?

  3. SilentWolf OfMidnight

    I know I have a dirty mind when Hugh Jackman in a robe and Dead Pool in the same bed is a 😳 moment.

    Not to mention the feather necklace and wine

  4. Lord Deiamalgam Rand'Lu

    I prefer the long-haired Briana Hildebrand (2nd film) to the short-haired one (1st film).

  5. Madkrafter 0501

    I wanted to hear the jokes not the commentary

  6. Musthafa Luthfee

    MAN I LOVE DP!!!

  7. coolhari2000

    Fox cares about babies, even if it's hitler.

  8. Matthew Coons

    Wow, just show the bloopers. Way too much dialogue.

  9. David Calmett

    I love deadpool, or Ryan Reynolds. I think hes the most hysterical dude out there. Though the first deadpool was better than the second one, deadpool 2 was very funny also.

  10. Finnley Gaming1234


  11. Christian Brandt

    just shut the fuck up

  12. Why is there a portrait of karl marx at 5:29 Deadpool and colossus’s butt grab scene, located at Xavier institute for gifted youngsters
    They do things like this in all movies and tv shows…

  13. guy tremblay

    what i'd like to see is a movie where deadpool kills all the mutnats and super heroes in the multiverse along with the incredible hulk

  14. They got cable!

  15. gsdfg dfgsdf

    They should have put John Cena as the vanisher. It would have been so much better

  16. Ryan Reynalds is the My favorite Deadpool.

  17. Clearly Ryan Reynolds was a saint in his previous life… he is reaping that reward!

  18. GlizzyGobbler 264



    Heyyyy baby. You wanna shoot baby…

    Finish the rest

  20. Kumokun Domo

    i'm late as always with movies but deadpool is amazing!!! love the sequel and waiting for future movies.

  21. Peter Sedesse

    the quick picture of Jimmy Kimmel sitting in his own audience was when he was showing a clip of ' The Brothers Grimsby'… The scene was so insane they couldn't show it on TV, so instead they filmed the reaction of the audience while they watched it. Even without seeing the clip yourself, just watching the audience was hilarious and one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Search for ' Kimmel watches Brothers Grimsby'.

  22. haunted america paranormal investigators

    Just show the f**** deleting things I don't want to hear you talk over them

  23. He should've just killed Hitler when he was like 10 now a days super heros should just think before they do like thor cause If I saw that seen I would go back in time in tell deadpool himself to kill when he's older cause killing baby's or the worst even sader the people that kill babys Don't even die when they should clearly suffer

  24. Did she just say spider man

  25. Robby Kunkel

    can't wait for DP3 I think it might be so funny we will be pissing ourselves

  26. flower_ girl

    I honestly can't understand why people likes his movies so much

  27. flower_ girl

    His conversation with Celine dione was so funny

  28. I like green lantern

  29. The Mandalorian

    Is there an actual version where Deadpool kills Baby Hitler on screen? In the version we get to see he doesn’t actually do anything to him he just says he’s going to let Cable kill him

  30. I’m pretty sure that the hitler scene is in the movie

  31. Why was there a CGI version of Canada's Praying Mantis, Celine Dion, in this?

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