Diabetes diet plan (Hindi) || Indian || Veg and Non veg || Diabetes food || 1mg

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In this video, Ms Chhavi Kohli, a well-known diabetes educator answers the most common questions around diabetes & diet : इस वीडियो में, मिसेज छवि …


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  10. Is it healthy for a diabetic patient to eat oily food like parantha, poori??

  11. डायबटीज में क्या गेहूं की रोटी खा सकते हैं??

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  13. False people should really avoid those high carbs things like roti s ,parantha, rice, and of course soups

    People need to be careful of having only non refined carbs like those in vegetables, and of course avoid things like potato (unless you're eating raw potato which is of course very healthy but hard to eat, and hard to digest).

    Key is going to healthy keto

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  16. बेबी डाईबिटीस निम्न मध्यम वर्ग में ज्यादा है।ये खाना उच्च मध्यवर्गीय फोलो कर सकता है।

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