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Recently An interview Vitalik Buterin Said He loves Doge and has bought some Doge Coins. Vitalik feels that in future it will become quite challenging for users to use Dogecoin because the scalability of Dogecoin is that just increasing the parameters and without doing anything else will make it a lot difficult for users to validate a transaction on the chain. According to him, he thinks that Blockchain would become centralized and vulnerable to all kind of capture. To solve the Scalability Issue of DogeCoin Network Vitalik Buterin offers Elon Musk and Doge Developers to collaborate with Ethereum for Scalability.


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While Dogecoin Network is currently capable of processing 60-70 transactions per second. The Ethereum second layer Ethereum 2.0 is capable of processing 10,000 transactions per second. These are huge numbers. If Somehow Doge Developers will be able to replace proof of work with proof of stake, it could be game-changing for Dogecoin. As we told you, Dogecoin is 3x faster than Ethereum first layer, so with such a difference, with proof of stake upgrade Doge will be capable of processing around 50,000-60,000 transactions per second.

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