Dr Recommended post Covid Vaccine Drink to avoid Fever, Weakness and Dizziness. Summer special juice

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The Covid vaccines are now available for the elderly and soon they will be available for everyone but once you get the vaccine there are these following symptoms that you might get which is fever, weakness and giddiness so guys when I went to get the vaccine for many senior members of my family I was recommended a drink by the doctors that one needs to drink for at least 2 to 3 days every few hours to avoid fever weakness and giddiness and so I thought why not share it with you guys so that you also can avoid the symptoms and remain hydrated so without any future delay let’s make our post vaccine drink 👍

1 cup fresh coconut water
11/2 tbsp grated ginger or ½ tbsp ginger juice
1 lime/lemon
2 tbsp powdered sugar
⅛ tsp black pepper powder
Pinch of salt

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  1. Tapati Chakraborty

    Mam I got fever,cough,sneezing after 1 month of getting vaccinated for ist dose.But my fever is not curing.If I try this recipe will i be cured from fever?

  2. Alpa very good recipe. Thank you kindly

  3. akshay pawar

    Covid se recovery k baad mje chakkar aata h hr time wht should I do 15 days se bht prb ho rhi h

  4. Mam covisheild ke agle din chakkar na kya normal hai mam plz reply

  5. Shamma Parween

    Hi please i want to know can we take apple cider vinegar after vaccination
    Because it is my only thing to regulate my period so i want to know its an emergency question

  6. Guineapigs Indians

    Please help please help
    Mujhe or 3 family members ko covishield lagi thi 14 may ko. Sabki tabiyat kharab hui lekin 2 din ke andar main or 2 or members ek dum theek ho gaye h. Lekin 1 family member ko behad kamzori aai hui h.
    Aaj crp test karvya bloood test karvaya normal levels aaye sab ke sab… lekin fir bhi weakness nhi jaa rhi ..she feels tired.
    Itni kamzori aa jati h washroom jane ke baad ki lagta h ab zinda nhi bachengi. She is eating every 2 hours anaar mosmi chapati. Banana. Bas ab waqt ke bharose chod rakha h humne or dawai de rhe h agar kisi or ke saath aisa hua h to bta do please koi suggestion dijiye.

  7. She forgot to add 60ml Vodka 😆😆😆😆


    shikanji banana seekha rhi h lol hahahahaha

  9. Prasanth Kunder

    Adding sugar ??? i am worried will it be a healthy drink ?

  10. Technical Ashi Mobile

    Vaccine lgane k bad egg kha skte hai kya

  11. Sunanda Sengupta

    How can iced drink b good for health? Iced drinks are for taste and habit for many.

  12. Ester Cuevas

    Just boil ginger fresh drink it self

  13. 🙌🙌

  14. Deepanshu Gautam

    Hello mam,
    My mother take paracetamol just after the vaccine .
    So can you suggest me that it decrease the efficiency or not?

  15. Priya Kumari

    After first dose… कच्चा आम खा सकते है क्या???

  16. Pardeep Kumar

    Top layer has full of pesticides

  17. What should we eat after getting first covid vaccination. Can we eat non veg?? Please please reply

  18. Krithika Saravanan

    Can I add Amla juice with it? Plz reply mam


    Tq for share this information

  20. After vaccination Maggie is suitable for us or not??

  21. After vaccination Maggie is suitable for us or not??

  22. Parveen Syad

    Mam kuch log kahte hi ki cold r fever me coconut water nahi lena chahi.. A…? Isa kuch nhi hai na….!?

  23. kalaiarasicap2018 anandan

    Seema saraku

  24. Vaibhav Patel

    Amazing recipe thank you

  25. mosuru dinesh

    Mental don't put ice..👍

  26. Shailesh Gangwar

    Covid patient to ice daal k dogi wah kya bt h

  27. Nandkishor Prasad

    Hi . I am having weakness and tiredness from past week, consulting from doctors they told me I am recovering from being a COVID patient, Can I use this drink, will it help me?


    Tendor coconut water or coconut water which water can we use..mam…

  29. Karuna Bansal

    Cn heart patient hvthis drink after vacination by covaxin

  30. Hanah doley Hanah

    Can I take liver syrup after taking the vaccine please rply

  31. Thanks a lot

  32. Maam i cant arrange coconut water what can i use instead?

  33. Awareness of the deaf and Deaf youth

    Dear Addagarla Sai Kumar, You have succesfully been vaccinated with your 1 Dose with COVISHIELD on 26-04-2021 at 03:34 PM.
    And But I am suffering fever headache weakness please help solve health box mgs me pls?

  34. valmiki ramu


  35. Can I use it if im covud +ve ?

  36. Moirangmayum Bikash

    Can we drink lemon even if we have fever?


    Can diabetic patients have this drink?

  38. Abhishek Murarka

    Don't add ice, it's not Gud for throat during this period

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