Drug & Alcohol Detox: How to Get Help for Loved Ones

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Helping our clients at Clarity Way through pain and withdrawal during alcohol and drug rehabilitation starts with a comprehensive evaluation and thorough physical evaluation. Once a proper drug and alcohol diagnosis has been completed, our experienced staff puts a customized protocol into place to help your loved one through the recovery process as smoothly as possible.

Using drugs and medications that are similar to our client’s actual addiction allows them to slowly ease off of their substance dependency without harsh withdrawal symptoms. This process of slowly weaning our clients off of their addiction through use of similar drug medication has proven to be an effective form of treatment for drug abuse.

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To learn more about our effective detox programs for drug and alcohol abuse please call our 24 hour help line at (877) 548-4794. You can also find additional information about our dedicated staff, state of the art facility, and our holistic approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation at our website: http://www.clarityway.com.


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