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  4. Is there software that exists to remove music from TikTok videos?

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  10. Tictok is not new

  11. AwakeTake - Hugo Nobre

    Nice. There are some big channels doing that.
    Still not sure how they bypass the copyright issue since music is a big thing for tiktok content.
    Maybe they can show a few seconds of the music without getting a copyright strike.
    Some artists are fine with it as long as they are mentioned or contacted.

  12. mixed introversion

    You can't make money with compilations because its against YT policy. They would not accept your monetization aplication if you're uploading compilations.

  13. It’s hard to make money this way, I tried…. because you get copyrighted from the background music in these tiktok videos. Because most of the funny and viral videos have some music or the other running in the back

  14. yes it was usefull
    i actually made my channel after watching your video support me too

  15. Chazreel Online

    what do you mean not uploading with music? so your going to upload with no music? 😂

  16. Bro one question, what do you think is this the risky make channel tiktok because of the new YouTube rules starting on Jan.1

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  18. Emu Senpai Low Spec Gaming

    Can these tiktok users sue or what if they are here on youtube and make a copyright strike?

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  20. Jessie Berzas

    App isn't new. It used to be called musically. It was bought by tic tock six months ago.

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    Video starts at 5:35

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