Easiest Way To Earn Money Online – Sell Old Class Notes / Study Documents on Study Pool

You can sell you old exam notes documents and any kind of study material on study pool. here is the link: https://bit.ly/3jIk9ef

my Instagram: @eshasardar_

My videos you should watch:
how i earn as a 20 yr old student part time: https://youtu.be/uGx3ZW0iv88
how to create the profile on preply: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qyjqo


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  1. 3:19 watch carefully! explain plz

  2. how you just earned 3428$ while selling only 32 documents. Each document make 10$ when someone buy which means in total your earning should be 320$ ???? answer me plz

  3. My document are not being upload.. I try 4 5 times to upload but….. Ap plz bta dyn myra document upload kysy hoga…

  4. Saad's Youtube Channel 2021!

    good video

  5. Tehseen Fatima

    Wow your videos are so helpfull…Jazak Allah

  6. Can I upload hand written notes??


    Because there rule is I have to above 18 YEARS old


    Esha api apki tutor wali video ka puch na tha keh I am 16`s YEARS old so I will apply for tutior and if I have student for tutoring if I am 16 years old so I will get banned on the website

  9. muqadas khan

    Pakistan me hum kahan se money nikal sakte hn plz tell us

  10. Hello. I’ve uploaded two of my documents there. Almost 24 hrs have passed, but they still haven’t gotten approved yet. Can you tell me why. Approximately how many days will it take to approve them? Also kindly make a detailed video on how to withdraw the money once we receive it from students.

  11. SceneswithAK😉

    Mashallah ❤💯

  12. Kya notes upload krne se sell ho jaein gy koi seo settings ya aur koi settings tu nai krni parti???

  13. Do the notes need to be typed ? Is it okay if it's handwriiten?

  14. Hidden Techs

    its been 6 days that I have uploaded a document to sell but it has neither rejected nor approved. Could you plz tell what is happening????
    it's my first doc.

  15. Cn you plz show me the documents coz mine was handwritten and can't b understand u havnt shown us the before processor for making your final notes to upload

  16. can you please tell after your document approved. 1st sold kb hua tha? after
    how time?

  17. Earth _The miracle lab

    Or minimum withdrawal?

  18. Assalam-0-Alikum
    Api wo agr hmary documents ko approve kr Dty hn to wo hmy payment ksy dy gy?

  19. chocolatey girl 🍫

    Hi plz ap y bta Dein k hm Money ksay l skty hn is s nikalvany k method 🙄🙄🥺

  20. Yahya Mughal

    Is it necessary to write notes by self in Microsoft word ? Or in other situation if we have notes in written form and just we take pictures of them and make pdf file and then upload it

  21. learning with Mam T

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i request u

  22. learning with Mam T

    mara doument accept ho gy ha ab sell kasy ho ga plz as ka bary detail vidio bana da plz plz plz

  23. How can I contact with you?

  24. Hammad Writes

    Hi Eesha mam! Got my 7 documents approved today. This is all with your guidance video. Stay blessed.

  25. How much did you earned?

  26. maryam rahim

    Can u tell us why did u choose turkey instead of europ? Like canada,italy,germany etc

  27. plz is topic py detail sy vedio banai like k kesy hm documents upload karyn

  28. Dumb Fitness

    Mam sign up krty hua university ka name dalna hota ha. To kia just usi university ky notes upload kr skty hain ya koi bhi upload krskty hain. Please reply

  29. The Cat's Planet


  30. Which school name we should submit during registration?

  31. kse pta lgega k users ko knse notes chahye ks sbjct se related?

  32. Momina Aftab

    Thank you ❤❤❤

  33. credit lecture

    Hello Esha Mera pas hand written assignment haan mein unko CamScanner ka zariya PDF mein convert kroon to wo Kya Kabal Kabul Hoon ga

  34. 80k DONE!!!!!!

  35. not yet

  36. Jenifer Ricalde

    Hi, Ma’am! How long have you been in the platform?

  37. Zubair Ansari

    Hey good

  38. Hina Kalsoom

    Kissi k notes sell hoy hain kia????🤔

  39. Haleema Siddiqui

    I've uploaded some notes some days back… but they are neither uploading nor rejecting🙄

  40. As you are part of it, kis discipline k notes ziada sale ho jaty….like kis topic pr….

  41. Asslamualaikum
    I upload my document on my study pool account they approved but they cannot send me money my balance is zero

  42. hoorain khan

    I was really finding about this

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