eBay Best Sourcing Tips (2021 q4)

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  1. Hi everyone, for Ebay do you guys wait for payment? Or ship out ASAP first then wait for payment?

  2. Jennifer Stewart

    I Love phone lanyards! They make most long so you can wear it over ur shoulder to ur side…and then sling it behind you if ur unloading!

  3. Thank you for your knowledge and inspiration. Happy Thanksgiving. You are a gift. Thank you.

  4. Ebay Addicts

    Hope you have a good Thanksgiving 🦃

  5. Serena Peterson

    Thrift stores here, well, some of them, have started hiring people to look up and price items. They are missing the fact that a huge part of their business is resellers, who won't pay that.

  6. Serena Peterson

    Desert industries is affiliated with the Church. Non-profit. They do job training. I've helped sort clothes, just volunteering. The clothes that are stained, have holes, those get passed on. Even brand new items with intentional distressing get a hard pass

  7. Serena Peterson

    Bird dogs don't just fetch, they flush out birds

  8. My Financial Climb

    I'm kind of like that 10-15 model. I only do this part time, so I need to make the most with my time. I'm currently sitting comfortably at 6 per day with 38 profit. This month is 41, but I'm sure that will come down to my average. I'd really like to eventually get to 8 per day for 33 profit, but I think that's going to take some more space.

  9. Norma Wilhelm

    Can not find enough amount of items to keep consistently listing.

  10. Joyce Kitler

    Nothing kills an estate sale business quicker than letting people in early. So unfair for the regulars who show up week after week.

  11. Gina Brisson

    Bowling….super family fun

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