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  1. My husband recieved a notice of determination yesterday but he stopped his benefits last year because he went back to full time work. Anyone knows what does this mean? Any advice on what to do?

  2. What if they did not mark an X where it says: THIS DETERMINATION DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR CLAIM FOR EXTENDED BENEFITS. Should I be worried? I have been unemployed and getting unemployment aid since 3/22/20

  3. Do you need to mail the appeal with an Edd envelope? Or can it be any white envelope?

  4. I have a problem. I supposedly received a notice of determination but didn’t appeal the first time which is not true I didn’t receive nothing. And I failed to verify my identification. What do I do?

  5. How to get appeal form, because all the office are closed and it is hard to find it online? Thank you

  6. How long it takes for them to update your status after the interview? Because mine still pending after one week from the call !!

  7. I received that notice of determination letter after I stopped my benefits because I went back to work, what does this mean

  8. I certified for weeks ending 3/13 and 3/20 yesterday and now it reads disqualification but they updated my claim for a new 12 month period and increased my balance. Do you have any idea why this would be?

  9. I got the same notice in February just weeks after they sent me an approval letter. It makes no sense but I have not changed my status or done anything wrong! I’m hearing many people are getting the same notices. My fear is they will try to make me repay all the PUA benefits! This is very bad. The reason I was given for suddenly being “disqualified” is that I’m eligible for regular unemployment benefits. There’s too much confusion and if I do file my appeal, who knows how long before they fix the error and I get paid?? Thanks for the video update.

  10. I Opened A New Claim On January 2021. Funds Were Pending Until February 22 Due To ID Verification. Talked To EDD prior To That Date And Issue Was Resolved. 1 Week Later After Being Paid. All my Weeks In "Paid" Moved To "Disqualified" Without A Notice. Certified For Last Two Weeks Yesterday And Few Hours Later Was Disqualified. Has Anyone Dealt With The Same Issue?

  11. @VK Consulting LLC /Viktoriya Khusit, i verify my identity and sent my documents thru docusign on December 28, 2020. after almost a month, they disqualified me. i received a letter with an appeal form stating that the documents i submitted were not the ones that are acceptable. There's also a statement that "See noticed of overpayment attached" but i didn't receive any attachment about the overpayment. i was about to send my appeal, what should i do? should i call them first and clarify what was that or just ignore and send my appeal? thank you for your response in advance.

  12. So I received the same notice I really don’t think I made a typo I think EDD just bullshi*** have u resolved this

  13. Edd has been fuckin me up since i reported that BOA stole my money my BOA has been closed since and edd had me verify my identity and everything and still no fuckin payment! I even mailed them all my infomation to verify and i still got disqualified on my certification weeks! I received an appeal form yesterday and I’m about to drop it off to the blue box but I swear if i dont get no answer and they decide to stop paying me just watch edd!

  14. You are so smart I love you for sharing. I’m having an issue with my Edd, I am a victim of fraud . I just got a letter of determination from Edd, it says I’m disqualified because I failed to prove my identity even though I uploaded all my documents in they assured me through the phone everything looked ok. So ,
    I want to know if I should send in my appeal form?
    or should I call?
    I don’t know what to do. Do you think you can help me understand if perhaps you know?

  15. I Push the reopen claim button. Thereafter, they schedule an interview then at the end of it said i was disqualified. wow. The button was a trap.

    The interviewer said im disqualified because i used the option ive been deemed at risk by health authority and advised to self isolate. She tried saying i am unavailable and unable to work. I clearly told the girl I am physically able to work and can work at anytime but im out of work at no fault of my own. She then said you only can be eligible if i caught covid or looking after a small child. I ask her to re-check the requirements and she told i can do that on my own time. She would not address my option that is listed as a requirement. Now i don't know what to do

  16. Please help if an appeal form was sent to me, does my employer have to fill it out or can I fill it out and send it?

  17. I made my appeal over 1 month ago and have yet to hear anything from EDD. My original claim wasn't for covid. But now with this PUA they disqualified me due to non covid claim. So I had it appealed cuz now it is due to covid. So I haven't heard anything. All my UI online says Appeal. No letters or anything. It's been almost a month and a half

  18. I had to do the same with proving my identity for the second time I been waiting for two months