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  1. You have very good suggestions on how to stay fit, and keep your immuned system in healthy condition:-)and yes… the mediterranean diet is the best diet, as it is a diet you can go long term… all others are fad diets:-)thank you .. and i truly enjoyed your video.

  2. Why do you alarm and promise at the beginning of your video, instead of telling us what to do? Using cataplexis, or paraenesis, those unconvincing figures of speech isn't the best tactic to communicate useful actions to bring about change. Cordially,

  3. Oh dang flab I’m lost a bunch so far of my fat or it be worse it not even noticeable spot and bad yet

  4. Whenever you experience psoriasis, this may just be your ticket to clear it up. Keep reading to know more about this particular skin psoriasis treatment solution, ∪nited Moladoz Weebly (yes do Goo ogle). After a week, my husband’s psoriasis went back into remission & problem resolved. The biggest thing is it shows good results.

  5. Over 70% of psoriasis patients tested, healed there psoriasis on a gluten free diet. I wouldn't call that a small amount.

  6. Milk thistle and probiotics and fish oil worked for me I thought my legs was gunna rot off hahahahaha 🤠

  7. My mother`s hands has skin psoriasis about five years ago. My mother was able to treat her ailment thanks to this psoriasis treatment solution, ∪nited Moladoz Weebly (yes do Goo ogle). Nevertheless, developments are visible right after a week of making use of it. For the very first time in several years, her skin psoriasis is handled.

  8. Question: how many of you viewers that suffer from psoriasis, also have metabolic syndrome issues? Please comment in response either way

  9. I feel like you meant to say that those supplements would help not hurt. I can’t imagine a doctor saying not to take fish oil or vitamin D.

  10. There is so many factors
    Stress – diet – weather – body’s cycle. Healthy gut is the key that entails of exercise & cut out processed sugar.
    Eat whole foods. Avoid milk switch to almond milk/water. When a outbreak occurs sometime you may need a 3 day high dosage steroid course after this carry on with clean diet & exercise.
    Do not rely on the ointment/steroid creams.

  11. Doctors contradict each other. I have watched another doctor and she said to do this doctor’s donts. 🙄

  12. I went Vegan for a year. My Psoriasis cleared up 90%. The only issue was I lost too much weight, lost muscle mass, I look and felt hungry all the time. I'm gonna try the Mediterranean diet.

  13. Yes, diet also plays a crucial role in treating an ailment have I consulted planet Ayurveda for my health concern and they guided me briefly about the benefits of proper diet along with good medications in getting great results. Want to thank planet ayurveda for guiding me so well.

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  15. Can psoriasis cause pigmentation on face , I had a little patch at the corner of my lips. And know the whole area around my lips is dark in colour , is it psoriasis?

  16. It`s a great thing I`ve discovered this particular psoriasis treatment solution for my lover who is suffering from scalp dermatitis. It is a great substitute to her steroid drugs. It only took a week for him to see the good advancements on her situation. Thanks to the treatment, the seriousness of her skin psoriasis has been minimized. Google showed me this guidebook, the name is Kαyden Molonduz

  17. My husband tried out this skin psoriasis treatment method and it was grateful that he was able to eliminate the redness as well as flaking around his eyes. After 5 days, there are certainly not any traces of redness as well as flakiness. To avoid it from returning, he still uses the treatment plan maybe once or twice on a daily basis.. Google showed me this guide, the guide`s name is Kαyden Molonduz
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  18. My sister has used numerous skin psoriasis treatment options for about Seven years now and also this skin psoriasis treatment method is the only 1 that truly works on my Psoriasis flawlessly. She had to ready the guide meticulously to find out what is perfect for me, however it really works and also the ingredients don`t scare you.. Google showed me this guide, name is Kαyden Molonduz
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  19. I also had/have psoriasis…
    Was probably caused by smoking/carbohydrates/bad nutrition
    Started with a keto diet (did that for 2 years) and psoriasis improved – (EAT saturated fats – less unsaturated fats – eat SALT (how much you like/feel like eating))
    Avoid seeds oils – and maybe nightshade veggis
    After that i did 8 months carnivore and i stick to that since. You feel amazing…. eat once a day (23+h fasting)…. less hunger…
    Also you can try to fast….
    If you have psoriasis or other autoimmune issues and have some stored fat… try to fast for 3-7days at a time. Drink water and eat salt!

  20. I am eating vegan, non-convenienced, only fresh food, lots of nuts from own garden etc., less isolatet sugar and glutenfree…but my psoriasis has the highest activitiest level ever!
    I got Cosentyx, cause of Arthritis and ist works, but my skin is so bad, I Need Cortison (and also with cortison it is not well!)
    I also have Aphten and much problems with Sicca.

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  23. I agree to only one thing out of all she said, it is personal. Personal research is what will help.

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  25. Mam….I am 23 year old…..I am suffering through this disease since 3 year….my doctor suggested me many medicine for this disease But still it is not cured….I am feeling so worry …. Feeling uncomfortable with my fnds……