Elon Musk CONFIRMED Tesla Quietly Expanding in California

Despite Elon Musk’s desire to move out of California and sell all of his properties there, Tesla, on the other hand, is uninterested in leaving California just yet. So instead, Tesla has begun construction on its “Megafactory,” a new manufacturing site in California that will create its large-scale battery system Megapack. Tesla’s Megapack, a large-scale energy storage device used by large-scale sustainable energy products to store excess energy produced by solar panels, will be manufactured at the plant. Gigafactory Nevada now produces all of Tesla’s battery packs for its energy business, including Powerwall, Powerpacks, and Megapacks. However, it appears that Tesla will expand operations to California. The mayor of Lathrop, verified the factory’s existence in a Facebook post later deleted and re-posted. “We are proud to be the home of the Megafactory, Tesla’s most recent expansion here. Green energy will be produced right here in our town in the future. This development will bring our city greater income, more job possibilities for our inhabitants, and a brighter future for our world.” Tesla Club of San Joaquin Valley shared images of the Megafactory for the first time on Facebook 209 times. The facility is in Lathrop, a city in Northern California just a short drive from Fremont, where Tesla’s main electric vehicle manufacturing factory is located. It also houses Tesla’s distribution centre, which is housed in a different building. The mayor of Lathrop, has also uploaded some photos relating to the groundbreaking ceremony that confirm the new factory will produce Megapacks. The Megapack, Tesla’s third stationary energy storage product (after the Powerwall and Powerpack) with a 1.5 MW inverter and storage capacity of up to 3 MWh was launched two years ago. According to Tesla: “Megapack simplifies the installation and connection process for large-scale battery storage systems. Megapacks come fully assembled from the factory with up to 3 megawatt-hours (MWh) of storage and 1.5 megawatts (MW) of inverter capacity, leveraging Powerpack’s engineering with an AC interface and a 60% improvement in energy density compared to comparable battery systems and traditional fossil fuel power plants to generate significant cost and time savings.” Tesla said with that product, and it can deploy much more significant energy storage projects quicker: “With Megapack, Tesla can build a 250 MW, 1 GWh emissions-free power plant on a three-acre footprint in less than three months, four times faster than a standard fossil fuel power plant of that size. Megapack can also be directly DC-connected to solar systems, allowing for the creation of seamless renewable energy plants.” The software and machine-learning technology powering the energy storage solution were also discussed: “To monitor, regulate, and monetize Megapack installations, Tesla created its software in-house. Power hub, Tesla’s advanced monitoring and control platform for large-scale utility projects and microgrids, and Autobidder, Tesla’s machine-learning platform for automated energy trading, are both compatible with Megapacks. Tesla customers have already dispatched more than 100 GWh of energy in global electrical markets using Autobidder. In addition, Megapack continues to improve through a combination of over-the-air and server-based software updates, just as Tesla vehicles benefit from ongoing software updates over time.” Tesla announced that the Megapack would be employed in the planned Moss Landing project in California with Pacific Gas and Electric Company. The Tesla community was abuzz with rumours of a Megapack production factory a few weeks ago, when well-known insider Sawyer Merritt said that the manufacturer was ramping up plans to build a new facility to produce Megapacks using CATL prismatic LFP batteries. The rumours appear to be real, especially since the facility’s existence has been proven in images posted online. Surprisingly, the building of a separate Megapack plant may have been anticipated. Earlier this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that Megapacks were sold out “until the end of next year,” indicating that the energy storage device is in great demand for sustainable energy projects. In addition, Tesla has introduced the Megapack to its website, making it easier for businesses to order it. Each one costs roughly $1 million. Most notable energy projects on Earth have used Megapacks, including those in Victoria, Australia, Moss Landing, and United Kingdom.

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