Elon Musk's Insane Car Collection (WORTH $10 MILLION +)

Elon Musk’s insane car collection worth over $10 million dollars is no joke. Today we will give an insiders look at Elon musks incredible car collection. From a Tesla Model S to the Lotus Esprit used in the submarine scene in James Bond, his collection is unique to say the least.

Being the third richest person in the world has to come with some perks. And with a net worth of $115 billion dollars, Elon Musk definitely knows how to spend his fortune. While his company Tesla has been revolutionising the automobile industry for a long time now, Musk himself owns an extensive range of personal luxury cars, all of which are bound to make everyone’s jaw drop.

In this video, we’re giving you a round up of Musk’s insane car collection that’s worth over $10 million dollars.


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