Elon Musk's INSANE Decision will Destroy The Competition 😈😈😈

Elon Musk’s INSANE Decision will Destroy The Competition

Within the space of a decade, Tesla has risen to the top of the pile in the world of EVs,
overtaking established automobile companies from all over the world.
You can’t talk about electric cars without mentioning Tesla, as it is mainly responsible for
moving battery-powered cars from the preserves of the nerds to the mainstream.
Every EV gets compared to Teslas because it is the EV company to beat. Some EV startups try
to do that by mimicking every aspect of Tesla’s rise to success, for example, by selling directly
to customers, making as many components in-house, releasing expensive models first before
creating mass-market models, etc.
The company makes the bestselling electric car of all time, the Model 3. It has other models that
occupy the top spots in performance and battery life.
Even its unreleased products get massively oversubscribed! According to unofficial estimates,
its electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck, has racked up more than a million pre-orders, despite
facing multiple delays. This is despite having a polarizing appearance and appealing to a sub-
Tesla is also at the forefront of battery research and development. Its new 4680 battery
promises to revolutionize the EV industry by being less expensive, holding more charge for
longer, charging faster, weighing less, and being safer!
Tesla cars are a beast in performance, as the company obsesses over speed. Its Model S broke
the record for the fastest production EV on the famed Nurburgring racetracks in Germany.
Musk’s influence in the EV industry extends far beyond the US. His company Tesla has
established a manufacturing plant in China where he plans to make a cheap car for the masses.
He is on the verge of opening another factory in Germany to increase its presence in Europe.
Musk’s SpaceX is also far ahead of the competition that it is hard to imagine them catching up.
Just as Tesla shook up the automotive world, SpaceX has changed the business of space
SpaceX is the only private company NASA trusts to take its astronauts to the international
space station. Cargo delivery has become a routine with SpaceX’s rockets and space capsule.
NASA rewarded SpaceX’s excellence with a multi-billion dollar contract covering a crucial part of
an equally critical mission to the moon. The space agency will employ SpaceX’s Starship as the
human landing system for its astronauts on the moon!
Not only that, as NASA’s astronauts will eventually ride the Starship to Mars, an unthinkable
proposition a few years ago.
As a reward for his daring entrepreneur spirit, Musk’s wealth has grown, closely matching the
rise of Tesla stock. He is either the wealthiest person alive or the second richest.
All these innovations and achievements, yet Musk can’t boast of the support of his President!
The snub could not even be hidden for a few hours on the day Musk’s SpaceX achieved a
massive milestone of sending private astronauts into the earth’s orbit, where they spent three
days before returning to the earth. The Inspiration4 mission launch was tied to a fundraiser that
raised hundreds of millions of dollars for a children’s cancer hospital.
Every notable person congratulated Musk and his company on the milestone, including top
NASA officials, SpaceX’s competitors like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Blue Origin, and even
Musk’s arch-rival Jeff Bezos!
The silence from the White House on that day was deafening and sent a clear message; that
was if earlier messages were not clear enough.
You could trust Musk to bare his feelings about the President on social media.
In connection with the Inspiration4 launch, @rhensing had tweeted:
“The President of the United States has refused to even acknowledge the 4 newest American
astronauts who helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for St. Jude. What’s your theory on
why that is?”

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#tesla​ #cybertruck​ #elonmusk

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