Episode #296: The Acronyms for Success in Marketing with Xana Winans

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Marketing isn’t just about the pretty images — it’s all about the numbers! And without knowing your numbers, you can’t improve your practice. So, today, Kirk Behrendt brings back Xaña Winans to teach you which numbers to keep track of so you can market more effectively. Don’t just guess how your marketing is performing — measure and know! To learn about KPIs and all of the acronyms for success in marketing, listen to Episode 296 of The Best Practices Show!

Main Takeaways:

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Image is important, but knowing your numbers is even more important.

Numbers are everything for marketing success.

If you don’t measure, you don’t know how any given piece of marketing is performing.

CPL (Cost Per Lead) should be lower than your cost of acquisition.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) helps determine what in your practice needs improvement.

If you’re not measuring ROI, it’s just a guessing game.

Marketing needs time before you see any potential returns.

Measure the critical few. Choose two key KPIs to measure and focus on.

Know your ideal patient!


Xaña Winans’ background. (04:09—04:56)

Why this is an important topic in dentistry. (05:29—06:28)

Acronym for marketing success: KPI (Key Performance Indicator). (07:18—10:32)

What your new patient reappointment percentage should be. (10:46—12:49)

Acronym for marketing success: CPL (Cost Per Lead). (12:57—14:06)

How to determine your CPL. (14:42—17:12)

The goal should be about progress, not being perfect. (18:28—19:31)

You need accountability. (21:14—24:32)

Acronym for marketing success: CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). (25:16—26:20)

Acronym for marketing success: ROI (Return on Investment). (27:22—29:49)

Measuring ROI on things besides marketing. (30:02—31:39)

Rule of thumb for measuring ROI. (32:04—33:31)

Acronym for marketing success: CPM (Cost Per Mille). (34:23—35:10)

Acronym for marketing success: CLV (Customer Lifetime Value). (35:43—37:46)

Know your ideal patient. (39:03—40:11)

Choose the critical few KPIs to monitor. (41:02—42:11)

Last thoughts on acronyms for success. (43:00—43:33)

What Xaña’s company and software does. (44:00—45:14)

Reach Out to Xaña:

Xaña’s company website: www.goldenproportions.com

Xaña’s company software: https://smartmarketdental.com/features/practice-analytics/

Xaña’s email: [email protected]

Xaña’s Instagram: @xanaathena https://www.instagram.com/xanaathena/?hl=en


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