eSales Hub Tips: 7 Key Metrics for Inbound Sales Call Tracking Success

In this eSales Hub video we detail the 7 key metrics of success for inbound sales call tracking. Wordstream produced a really good blog on the 5 key metrics, which got us thinking – hang on, there’s a few other metrics they could include. Our eSales Hub Analytics tool was built to provide clients with complete click-to-sale visibility, in real time, of their inbound sales lead calls from Google Ads. Discover the eSales Hub metrics you can include today in your own analysis to ensure you effectively measuring and tracking calls generated by clicks from Google. From deciding whether to track just calls or sales leads, to ensuring your calculate your true return on investment with sales data, in this eSales Hub video you’ll find the 7 key metrics we use on a hourly basis to define the return on investment for our clients sales lead generation campaigns.


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