eSignal 12.0 – Latest Version of All-in-one Trading Platform

This video introduces us to eSignal 12.0 – the latest trading software for investors and active traders. eSignal 12.0 is an all-in-one trading platform that is loaded with new features like all-new market screening tools, advanced options analytics, social media and streaming news apps to help you get updated on market trends at all times.

To try out risk-free trial for 30 days, go to:


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  2. it works for TSE realtime ?

  3. give me 30 days free trail. my cell no. +919904526749

  4. This looks awesome but i cant help but think of the 'sodasoppa' episode of southpark LOL

  5. @VersysStudio Yes, backtesting (similar to version 10.6) is available with eSignal 12:

  6. Does it have a back testing module similar to the one in eSignal 11 ?

  7. Learn more about the all-new eSignal 12

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