Expert Product Reviews: HP OfficeJet Printer

Watch as our printer expert showcases the HP OfficeJet 4500 Wireless All-in-One Printer. More details at

review hp


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  1. jacob vasquez

    is there a way to send a fax withoug out connecting to a phone line

  2. can I print from home thru internet?

  3. @Wildxxx1 But.. But on Windows…
    It just works..

  4. Philly Tekle

    i need help how do you change the language i setup Spanish so i want to change to English please help me

  5. CreazioniPinnacolo

    @Wildxxx1 return your mac

  6. Gary The Lion

    I have the printer just one day and it already starts to irritate me. Scanning wireless via mac does not work! Only error after error the device is in use. Anyone has a suggestion besides returning the device?

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