Fatty Liver: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment | Dr. Rahul Rai (Prof.)

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People in today’s world are not aware about the disease of Fatty Liver. They feel all the problems in the stomach occur due to Fatty liver, but that’s not the case.


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  1. I don't know if I m suffering from fatty liver but the symptoms are too similar
    What should to do please give some advise 😞

  2. Hello Doctor,
    I am suffering from liver problems like lack of appetite, indigestion, weight loose , acidity etc for long time. I'm a gym lover but can't put on muscles and weight please suggest me some medicine

  3. Mera liver me thoda thoda pain hota hai .
    Toh kya mera live damage ho chuka hai ??

  4. Sir mera livar enlarge hogaya he altrasonography me liver enlarged 162mm he …to hm kaise thik ho sakte he pls bataiye..or lft test report normal he …

  5. Sir I am 20 yrs old & I have fatty liver since 1 yr, I feel pain in my Belly area, LFT pe fatty lover ayi hey… Ulti hoti hai, Navi pe dard, ea sab hoti hai

  6. Finally an explanation I can understand and feel better about the life choices I’m making.