Final Female Kata. Rika Usami of Japan. 宇佐美 里香。空手

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  1. David S. J. Meissner

    Why does it feel like she's almost gout to smile or laugh. 😂

  2. Falah Ambadar

    Nice dance

  3. Dave Robinson

    I wrote this song along the way to my Blue Belt grading: Enjoy.

  4. bravissima 😍

  5. كهرباء البناء الريف


  6. Io dopo essere full Netherite incantato con la mela doro incantata

  7. secret garden

    Respect! In the olden days you needed to train with a really sharp weapon to compete a Kata without hurting yourself!

  8. Safe to say that her husband make his own sandwiches.

  9. Hai dimenticato la cera

  10. this woman is the definition of a "Kata". Perfect, disciplined and flawless in every way. But in the end how is a "kata" going to protect her from a real strike?

  11. Benjamin Lombaert

    Dancing lol

  12. Александр

    Ажно сам обосрался от напряжения.


  14. this is a ridiculous olympic event

  15. at present day this kata would still mop the floor in both male and female divisions.

  16. Evaldas Aleksandravičius

    iif this is sport please kill me

  17. Mariolo Manu


  18. Without a doubt the main character.

  19. Slow

  20. risinglotuswind

    I have never been this turned on in my life.

  21. Ayub22 Ahmadian22

    جونی جون

  22. Co ci do tego


  23. TwitchtvTrigun52

    i know she single..

  24. xcLuSiVe_sHoT

    i can do that

  25. Kolega Otaku

    and why is that? what for?

  26. Yes I would hit it

  27. Lachlan Barrie

    In a New York minute!

  28. Afzal mohhamad

    This is a sport and kabaddi isn't. Yeah all countries are equal i guess.

  29. Sheer Gaming

    i just dont get katas…i feel like they are for hippies to do at the beach when they wanna pretend to be one with the nature and eastern philosophy…but they serve no real purpose..



  31. 杉村幸広


  32. I'm up, hot doggy!

  33. Jiren the Grey

    I love this woman.

  34. Vikaho Achumi

    This girl is no joke! I can't even see how fast she is moving her hands. She can beat my whole family 😂

  35. I used to do that same kata when i was a kid 👍

  36. Ιερώνυμος Κόρακας

    nice feet……drool….

  37. 7000 French people disliked this

  38. Really good fight, but where is the opponent?

  39. Ahmad Elmoen

    I don't know about Karate but it's look amazing

  40. Very traditional and has it's place but totally useless in real combat. The octagon has shown the way for gladiator and martial arts and all combat sports. I see this more about respect for tradition and dedication to form and tradition. I've seen practitioners who were except exponents of kata or patterns, but were weak in competition as fighters, however, typically a good pattern/kata exponent was often pretty good to excellent in combat. Most of the moves are impractical or simply don't work in a real fight, but thats not the point of the exercise, its about the discipline and dedication to the actions that makes you potentially a better athlete or martial artist.

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