Fix SSD or Hard Drive Not Showing up in Windows 10

Fix SSD or Hard Drive Not Showing up in Windows 10
There can be many reasons why your hard drive or solid state drive (SSD) is not showing up in windows. You need to determine whether this is a hardware or software issue. I will show you step by step on how to fix and troubleshoot SSD or Hard Drive not showing problem.

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  1. Hope this video helps. Please LIKE 😀

  2. Sachu • 6 years ago

    Can you please help me

    I accidently disabled my Intel HD graphics and now my screen is black

    Can you help me enable it again please i liked and subbed

  3. Not related to this but my control panel isn't opening,I made sure the service is enabled in msc and clean installed the driver through GeForce experience,what else could I try?

  4. Liked, Awesome works.

  5. Very good ,thanks.

  6. Nice job and good video, thanks to Brian.

  7. Fernando Zornosa

    for use the terminal power on linux in this distro based in ubuntu/debian
    1) sudo fdisk -l 2) lsblk 3) dn -a 4) lspci 5) hwinfo 6) lshw 7) inxi Fxxxrza …
    (to check partitions an media devices ) and many more thanks your tutorial

  8. Garry Presnall

    Is it best to create a USB install from the Media creation tool, or download the ISO and use Rufus? Using Rufus you can choose MBR or GPT, does the Media Creation Tool USB auto detect this?

  9. Great video as always, Brian…..Nearly 600k bro–Nice

  10. Good video 😁

  11. Thanks for the video…however I have a 1 TB External 2.5" HDD I cannot get the computer to recognize no matter what I try. Disk Management shows nothing and also Windows Explorer. A little help would be appreciated, thanks

  12. OK, so other than the Linux live USB, the bios settings, or Windows USB installer assuming it's their C: drive without removing the drive they won't know would they?
    So if there so illiterate to not know-how make the USB drive you expect them to know how to remove the drive connect it to another computer & go into disk management? …
    I also noticed every example the brand of the drive kept changing you started with a Kingston then went to a PNY then finally in crystal disk mark a Londisk whatever cheap nasty SSD that is mmm.
    Wouldn't it have just been so much easier to just go straight to the Win 10 installer & see if the drive turned up in there or made a Hiren boot USB & go straight to disk management much easier than all that other FUFFING around!

  13. TimsComputerRepair

    Good video Brian.


    thanks man. you`re the best

  15. good tips as always

  16. Grange Tech Engineering

    My samsung 970 evo plus nvme m.2 is not detected in bios/Gigabite gigabyte h110-d3a board please help.

  17. Joshua Mattingly

    Great Solid State Hard Drive tips as always Brian. Thanks!


    Can u do a video on deleting a 0 bytes files

  19. Mohamed Mimon Asbai


  20. Thanks

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