Flare and Songbird airdrop for XRP holders – how and when will it happen? | Crypto News Today

Flare and Songbird airdrop for XRP holders – how and when will it happen? | Crypto News Today

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News Links – https://cryptomode.com/xrp-holders-can-expect-the-spark-flr-after-successful-songbird-sgb-testing/
News Links – https://www.ftso.com.au/flare-network/2021/07/26/songbird-canary-network-sgb-airdrop.html

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  1. Nigel Wilkie

    Do we automatically receive the Songbird token on our hard wallets if that's where we took the snapshot for the Flare token?

  2. Ghost in a jar

    Apparently Wal-Mart crypto news is fake

  3. JoJo Or Else

    All just talk. Everyone did their "claiming"… No one actually HAS any of these tokens. This was supposed to be up an ld runing first quarter. Then second quarter. Now into third. If this is how they run things, do you actually think the project is any good? Crappy track record so far.

  4. So I will receive SGB at my ledger if I have my XRP there?

  5. Bobby Chhabra

    Thank you for the update. Keep up the good work!

  6. Immortalsouls

    We're just getting screwed around. What the heck! Now we gotta send all our Xrp to a wallet????? Do Xrp wallets even exist???? Does moving Xrp out of our Nano Ledgers affect the snapshot drop??

  7. Do we have to move our xrp to bitrue to get songbird? Can you please reply?
    Or is it part of screenshot being taking for flr airdrop?

  8. Kees van den Bosch

    you will always get a thumbs up 🙂

  9. Norkan Idris

    my wallet is at tokenized singapore, how can i get the flare and songbird?

  10. Chris, am I right in thinking you are only talking about "Songbird" and not the "Spark" Token? Coinbase did say that they will distribute Spark, but I haven't heard anything about Songbird from Coinbase.

  11. Dereck Bramlitt

    So are we going to get airdroped songbird or flr I have my xrp on Bitrue


    I moved my xrp from Binance to xumm wallet. What will be the outcome? The snapshop was taken when my xrp tokens were on Binance exchange. Thanks

  13. Like anything related to XRP…it's turned to poop.
    Perhaps its better I don't get any of that. Anything related to XRP just brings bad luck. I don't fault main exchanges for not wanting to touch that poop with a 10 foot pole.

  14. James Denham

    Thanks for the update much appreciated

  15. Desmond Dhanraj

    Thanks, for all the info and keeping up to date!

  16. people that have their flare being delivered on etoro apparently are not receiving songbird. do you know a way people will be able to claim songbird after being allocated flare?

  17. Do you know when snapshot was taken?

  18. Hi Cheeky Crypto, many thanks for the video I personally own XRP & was wondering if you guys own XRP & what are you thoughts on it?
    & if you own XRP how much XRP tokens do you own roughly I don’t expect you to give a precise answer as that may be a cheeky question of finances so if you’ve got over 10,000 XRP tokens & don’t wanna say how many you got just say above 10,000 XRP’s. Personally I own around 50,230 XRP tokens & hoping for £2 + if that’s acceptable & even possible to happen.

  19. Flare air drop😂

  20. sandrstudios

    Wish we knew about all this before they announced the original flare airdrop. I moved to uphold and would have done it the manual way to avoid even having to worry about this. I guess it does not pay to be lazy.

  21. What are the conditions? What wallet I need to store my XRP?

  22. Antti Lehtinen

    I moved my xrp from coinbase to binance since the snapshot. Will i receive the flr to my original coinbase wallet even if i dont have any xrp there? thanks 🙂

  23. Appreciate the transparency at the start of the video that is the way to do it!

  24. Michael Fidelis

    We should be thanking you for your time!! Really appreciate your daily analysis!

  25. NEVER

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