Forex Grid trading is a clear winning technique. See the LIVE client trading results & how it works

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Links Below – click on See More. The Grid Trend Multiplier is producing the very best results in our Forex trading FXBlue Competition. Not only are the results …


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  2. hi alex, when i try the strategy tester with the gtm it says dll imports not allowed, so cannot backtest

  3. Hello
    I have few questions ,
    1- On your website this indicator is under Trading tool and NOT under the Set and Forget EA- so is this a EA which is auto trade or not. from your video i understand that its auto trade EA.
    2- Is this EA we can apply on live account, Can you share some details on this. I have seen in videos that good profit has been made but not sure whether it was on a live account or demo account.
    3- I understand that best option is to apply Buy and Sell at same time for better results if the trend is not know to a trader. But even if the trader know the trend the results of Buy and Sell at same time is better option .
    4- There are many EA's on your website , how you compare the RSI envelop EA with the Grid EA. If one has to choose which one it should be . I am confused and want to buy only one of them.
    kindly reply point wise.
    Aamir Sohail

  4. Why are there so many variations in the performance of this EA? One person 300%, another 150%.
    Additionally, since the graph starts at 0 do we assume anyone who made losses are not shown?

  5. Hi Alex. Thanks for sharing this video. Few weeks before you uploaded a video about Double Hedge grid trend multiplier. So I am waiting for any new video about Double Hedge combined with GTM.