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Daily News Report – Friday, May 21st, 2021

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Important news items in recents news:
– child tax credit 2021
– IRS tax refunds
– IRS stimulus checks
– 4th stimulus check update
– Unemployment tax situation
– Infrastructure Bill (President Biden and the Build Back Better Campaing)

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  1. Steven Sowell

    Your still the best keep up the great work!! thank you!!

  2. Stephanie losh

    Please run for president 🙏 you got my vote 🗳

  3. Brian a triple og at this point

  4. Alexandria Rodriguez

    I still don't understand how I am supposed to get the back pay of stimulus checks since I had my child last year? I filed my taxes…but still no stimulus money for my child.

  5. Barbara Bush

    Yup, I filed for unemployment and was supposed to get it but never received the 104 a week. No one answered phones either.

  6. Angeleque Blue

    Lol love yhis guy!

  7. Loving my white privilege with 0 in my 401k, paying more in taxes than On my house, a 20 year old car, and working 60 hours a week…

  8. Rebecca James

    Due to good decision and trusting stocks I decided to buy some crypto, but don't know how to trade with it on brokers

  9. Frances Vandeburgt


  10. Sounds like discrimination to incentives only select group of people

  11. TexasPoonTappa !

    I like how all these comments are from clear brown nosers

  12. Agnes Kuni Brown

    Biden you need to step up for us American's people we need help everything is sky high people voted for you and you till not doing nothing but stupid stuff with the money we need it right now people won't vote no more for president who don't do anything for American people

  13. Our heads are in the guillotine.

    They are waiting to deal the final blow.

  14. If and when you start to feel low at some point for whatever reason as the narrator of the news when it's depressing : you should watch that Tom Hanks movie that came out last year about him going from frontier town to town and "reading the news"…you're performing a similar function 🙂

  15. That's the first time I've heard drones being a nuisance 😂 they're harmless guys it's not a big deal

  16. Speciall Vibez

    I JUST LOVE YOUR direct to the point reviews…If I had ADHD you would be my cure ❤

  17. valerie welch

    So let's just say everybody gets a $20 raise every year which mine was only 12 so six times 20 so they would have had an extra $120 a month over the course of years with Obama it's not fair inflation is crazy I'm just very thankful I have a low rent but if I didn't have this miraculously low rent I would be in the street

  18. valerie welch

    This may be the wrong video but my point is I'm on SSDI and people have to realize that before President Trump was President Obama his first year in office and we got of living raise because the former president approved it in December for January prior to President Obama being inaugurated and then we didn't get a raise whatsoever for six years and when he left it is 8th year of office we got a 1.2 percent raise this is ridiculous don't they remember that we didn't get a cola for six straight years yes he did give everybody a $250 stimulus check for 6 years of not getting a cola and everything is so expensive I went to a store last night and I couldn't afford any meat for dinner this year in 2021 my raise in my benefits were $12 it's sad

  19. Krystina Saragos

    Does anyone have any info if we are gettin a 3rd p-ebt deposit? I thought we were so I have been waiting on it.

  20. Thankyou for giving the honest facts

  21. tawana mazyck

    Will there be a forth

  22. Jill Franklin

    if people go back to work we won't need a 4th stimulus

  23. Maria Dougherty

    Thank you…so much misinformation out there, you consistently give us the facts.

  24. Patricia Guarnieri


  25. Still haven't got my 3rd, says I'm eligible but no date yet??? But they're talking about a 4th? FOH

  26. This pandemic is Far from over and many states are Not Providing any more unemploymen to people who Really need it !! Stimulus package will probably help but this situation definitely does Not look good at all. Blessings for everyone

  27. Where is the update? Idt we are getting a 4th noone is talking about anything

  28. Devin Baltimore

    I need that 4th stimulus I just lost my sports edition Honda 😬

  29. liked, subscribed and this is my comment!

  30. The governor of Ohio decided to cut off the extra unemployment in June when it was supposed to end in September. Yet he’s holding a 5 million dollar “lottery” for people to get vaccinated lol.

  31. nerdentertainment12

    Paper slap will be my text message notification sound

  32. More anti-white racism from the Democrats…. Lovely.

  33. edward fields

    We dont need a 4th stimulus check.

  34. Sandra Cravens

    These Democrats are a joke

  35. The angry Korean has spoken. As a retiree, I love those checks unfortunately I know dozens of able bodied people who choose not to work because of them. We’re headed for a worse disaster with inflation.

  36. No more stimulus. Go get a job. Jobs are hiring and can't find enough people.

  37. devlightheartthewise

    do not send out those checks

  38. Darrell Cole

    I've been hungry I've been homeless and that's why next election I will vote Republican across the board I'm not getting any help anyway why should I give the Democrats my vote I'm on my own as I have always been I work two jobs sleep in my car and when I go visit my kids their mother and grandmother don't even allow me in the house even though I'm fully vaccinated so yeah I will vote Republican f the Democrats and the whole world for that matter

  39. Lakia Mcdoanld

    A 4th stimulus check is unlikely for working ppl. All the government cares about are ppl with kids that don't work and ppl that are laid off smh

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