Fourth Stimulus Check Update | Biden's New Plan | Republicans Counter Offer | Daily News 4/23

Is the 4th stimulus check dead? Not Yet. The fourth stimulus check can still happen.
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The fourth stimulus check can still be added to the infrastructure bill or the American Families Plan which is considered more of a social infrastructure bill. The house passes a bill to make Washington DC a state. The crisis at the border worsens and becomes more expensive. Over $2000 in prizes and cash.

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Senator Ron Wyden calls for fourth stimulus check. Will there be a fourth stimulus check? 21 Senators and 53 house representatives want it. The IRS says they are behind on Tax Refunds do to understaffing, multiple stimulus bills throwing them off course, last years refunds and this years tax refund. Democrats ask President Biden to review his bloated pentagon budget. Many democrats call for Biden to reduce military spending and allocate those funds to the american people.

The call to add a 4th stimulus check to Biden’s infrastructure bill is getting more attention. Many democrats want to see more stimulus check money and stimulus package programs included in the spending bill. However, many conservative democrats are pointing out the need to take serious the US debt situation with the national debt surpassing $28 trillion and our ability to make interest only payments if the Fed raises rates.

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Stimulus Check Update. Stimulus checks coming for 20 million americans today. Mostly Americans on SSI, SSDI and other SSA programs. Chuck Schumer demands more stimulus check money just as two democrat senators say they won’t participate in Biden’s Build Back Better Plan the way it stands. Senator Marsha Blackburn says the infrastructure bill could be done for less and without raising taxes if the Federal Government would get out of the states way.

SSI, SSDI, VA and SSA say big stimulus money drops today, April 7th and April 15th. Should Biden focus on taxing profitable large corporations, helping small businesses become bigger or heavily taxing stretched thin American citizens? Are we in a real estate bubble similar to the great recession?

On this channel I cover stimulus check updates, stimulus package updates and any new developments regarding the next stimulus relief package.

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Stephen is on a mission to help strengthen America one family at a time.

I appreciate your trust in regards to the IRS Stimulus Check information. I believe a second stimulus check and second stimulus package will happen and updates on the second stimulus check 2 will be coming soon.

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  3. Ana Hernandez

    Hi Stephen I have not received the 1000 or 2000 check from the IRS for the overpayment at all
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    Well I think there is alot of truth to i agree some politicians don't care about us

  7. Louis Wegener

    When will we see 4 stimulus payment if we get one

  8. lucretia norton

    I still haven’t received my 3rd stimulus check yet when will I receive it

  9. Elisa Fuentez

    I'll send info on how to get a real live person at the IRS. You will have to wait 15 to 30 min s. I called at 4pm took 32min

  10. Elisa Fuentez

    I have your information to the IRS worker i tasked to today. I explained what you do. She said because all the laws n such put into effect….I'm still missing my taxes. I have the way to contact them n talk to a person.2 of my husbands w2s…company still hasn't turned in to them. Theyare getting find and irs has to pay me interest of everyday past April 15th. If communityneeds I'll type it up tomorrow rather today for some. May God .n yours..or any bless all for everything we are given. Don't forget YOUR AMAZING

  11. Elisa Fuentez

    I don't know if the community needs to vontact with live voice human. Yes a human. Turbo tax has an extensive issue in software our total refund dropped 1100 has to do with stimulus their auto fill. I filed electronically on Jan 30th accept Feb 12th and still NO refund.irs yes..i got human to find out what's wrong we got state taxes and stimulus..n my husbands unemployment. Yet it can be up til July of then. 2 employers have men W2s but irs said they are missing 2out of the 6i had to file just for him. Other than entering all of them i know i was right. I'm gong to have to go big to get turbo tax to fix this spendyproblem. I will scan what i did to get real person.

  12. You the man

  13. A lot of people haven’t received the third stimulus yet all we get is “Your eligible with correct banking information but no date to send 😒

  14. Mark Bottoni

    Will child support be an issue in the fourth stimulus package what a P wave like they did with the third package

  15. Melba Kitchens

    Is he doing this so we will depend on the government and have nothing one day?

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    Bribe money

  21. CoolChannel Name

    Who is going to pay back all this money?

  22. Jon Bargmann

    If we would get reacurrig stimulus checks it would take the government 3,4,5 months to work it out, which is a waste of time. All the people need more help NOW, and monthly for at least the rest of the year. $2000.first month then $1000 monthly there after. If the government can help families with children, why not help everybody? What is their reasoning on this? They should all be asked to explain this to us, the common people.

  23. Sarah Gunther

    Must be nice getting a 300$ a night hotel room for people who don't care to contribute anything. They're probably on food stamps too, how else are we going to keep them fed? Next it's going to be giving them section 8 housing and free money to support their children. What a freaking drain.

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    What about the senior citizen everything they talk about is children tax credit what about the senior citizen who are raising grandkids don't we deserve something to.

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    Oh no kids are so contagious…and your wife is so pretty!

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    God bless you

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  30. Wait I don’t understand I just received a letter today saying 1400 dollars I’d get within 7 days of receiving the letter and that’s after I already got my stimulus a month ago so are getting more or I’m confused so is my mom

  31. Tuwanda Simms

    Love your quote googling your symptoms so cute thanks for the variety in your vlogs.

  32. Debbie Turner

    These young teens are taking the stimus checks are being spent on drugs. That should not take place but it is. It should go to the parents or guardian whom takes care of the child.

  33. Thank you so much and you are awesome yourself

  34. You are right God bless you I believe in you and I trust you you’re like a goddess to me love you and your family as well God bless I am your fan forever

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    Hellur Clark Kent

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    You are Amazing.

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    Steven I need Hello fresh. With just a little money to workwith I have gained weight over this past year. I have become so depressed trying to eat well is not doabouble. The only thing I'm concerned about is not being able to paying for a progblgram. Is hello fresh a progblgram that will help someone contu getting food?

  38. Very informational thanks 😊

  39. Mickey Cecil

    I don’t understand why people watch your videos.

  40. Salvator Ramponi

    When will the 4th stimulus be sent out to us low income people like myself and many others god bless you steven your a stright shooter thanks.

  41. soumane traore

    Why havent i got a stimulas check yet sha is my name

  42. There’s not going to be a 4th check. Look at the circus surrounding the 3rd check we got. Look how much everything has gone up to account for inflation. Getting our hopes up for a 4th check is a complete waste of time. Once again, they will bail out businesses and markets before they give us a 4th check. Don’t even think that there is a possibility of a 4th check. Democratic senators will never sign off on another batch. They’ll fix infrastructure during a global pandemic, rather than give people in need money. Think about the hundreds of billions they handed out, now think about the millions and millions of people who got a check who stashed the thing away and said thanks for the early Christmas present. It’s stupid. They blame the own people for their own fault being in need for a check. Should have went to college and made 80k a year, and had a job that offered unemployment during the crisis where these people made off better during the pandemic, than the people who got destroyed financially because of it. They don’t know how to target people in need. If they did, the 70-80k a year people would cry about not getting a check. THERE ISNT GOING TO BE A 4TH CHECK. Just end that discussion now.

  43. Boosted Billy

    Haha Republicans are wasting their breath the Democrats are going to do what they want to do there’s no negotiation with the communist party it’s their way or the highway

  44. I haven’t seen any links to prizes

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    I enjoy taking in listening to you a telling us about the stimulus check and about around the world and everything I hope that you pick me I haven't never won anything but anyway God bless you

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