Fourth Stimulus Check Update | Jayapal Optimistic On American Families Plas

Will there be a fourth stimulus check or is the 4th stimulus check dead on arrival covered in today’s update. Senator Chuck Schumer wants to vote on two bill very soon. Says he will pass the physical infrastructure bill and then unlock at democrat only bill where democrats can add everything they want. Well 80+ want s 4th stimulus check. Mitch McConnell said democrats can pass all they want and spend all they want but when it hurts americans in their wallets and taxes they will remember it was the democrats that made this happen. A 4th stimulus check is absolutely possible as democrats control all areas of the Federal Government. Why is the stock market dropping? Well covid worry and too many jobs and not enough employees.

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– Fourth Stimulus Check Update
– Important Updates From Congress
– The Stock Market
– Child tax credit 2021
– IRS tax refunds
– Student Loan Forgiveness
– IRS stimulus checks
– 4th & 5th Stimulus Check Update
– Unemployment tax situation
– President Biden’s Build Back Better Infrastructure Bill
– President Biden’s American Families Plan
– Life Insurance
– Home Loans
– Silver and Gold investing
– Dividend Paying Stocks

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  1. Stephen Gardner

    Check out Stephen current GIVEAWAY to win cash, hats or other swag:

    Want to support the channel? Check out my hats, hoodies and shirts. Use coupon code Stephen to save 20% today.

  2. Robert Gonzales

    No politician should be allowed to invest…they always cheat with insider trading

  3. Maria Martinez

    Hi family I love u ollways had the news in stimulust on point thank u love u guys

  4. Deborah Mott

    Are we getting a nother check

  5. Stacie Dusch

    Hi Stephen

  6. Stephen we didn’t spend our other stiminus money because we are desperate for a new roof. We like a lot having enough but I guess all the rich at Washington don’t give things like that a thought. Yes we have enough to eat but the way food and gas is going up it takes more money so how can you save on important things? You can’t just all of a sudden come up with that kind of money when you and your husband is on a fixed income.About the bowling balls that’s just one more of crazy people in the world to do something like that.

  7. Thomas delvin

    the reason this country doesn't function is because people keep listening to the bull of these YouTube puppets who repeat the same crap every day as the politicians. they are like the old psychic telephone scam centers where they get paid to keep you on the line for as long as they can while they get paid for stalling. sound familiar??? this dude is another google operative also known as a goop! " google owned operative propagandist"

  8. celicia veal

    Hello hello hello I love you and your lovely wife I could listen to you all day you be so on point you are so accurate about what you say and I love the way you do your office you always have something in the background that will stimulate your mind your intellect then I love your gear and I always do your contest thing I don't know why I never why money a day of my life an audit me a pamphlet from you when the free pamphlet and I've been listening to you about that. Stock but sorry for all the babbling right now you are doing a wonderful job and keep the job going and Trust I will still be listening love you all very much and may God keep you and bless

  9. Leticia Mateo

    We appreciate you love you and your amazing family ❤️

  10. Rachel Cardona

    I think retirement age should be changed. If you work till 65/68 years old that's all your good years….60 is long enough. If they are going to give us one more check they need to make it about $4000 dollars to give people a chance to catch up and stay caught up

  11. Hello

  12. Judith Wasson

    Conflict of interest.

  13. Wth are everyone even talking about anymore all these videos and comments from people are all the same, anyone who
    Watches this political nonsense or congress crap is worse then back in the 90s when these idiots said games and movies were bad for our youth

  14. Conflict of interest..

  15. Michelle Harris

    Unémployment boosts for some needs to stop alot of fraud going on n hackers don't help their on these government phones these iphones n everything else iPads computers they need to get caught four n prosecuted even in google

  16. There's not going to be any more stimulus checks. The states all have opened up for everyone to go back to work. The states are only going to push the checks thru for people who have kids. If your on SSI or not employed then we are screwed. Cause all they are concentrating on is the family plan. And that's all that's going to get passed

  17. Robert Dunling

    Stimulus checks should be for everyone, not just some its just wrong

  18. Robert Dunling

    Here in California we have we have Rolling in California ,so how are we going to Charge all this cars . Its sad to watch give a speech. I think he has Alzheimer’s I’m not a doctor but its Obvious just sad

  19. Sally Brandt

    how do I subscribe

  20. marylou devries

    Dang i got a new phone and not all my apps. transferred.
    I forgot your name .
    Finally found you again…
    I trust your information best.
    The manner you explain .I am able to understand . Just want to thank you for all you share with us…May you and your loved ones be blessed by our Lord.

  21. Vicki Cervantes

    Steve Do you know if the people that is on SSI going to get a 4th Check? It is so hard to live with the little amount that we get on SSI.

  22. Cynthia Williamson

    I hear that it's been decided a stimulus ck will go out on the 15th to the family tax credit only…for $600 per month until the end of the year!

  23. Keep hoping for change sheeple….

  24. Patricia King

    Hey y'all✋. Is there anyone out there that still haven't received their 3rd stimulus check?

  25. What plain will SSI and SSDI wall up under. Hear on everything except disability. Where do we fall under.

  26. Carlene Heiskell Hall

    Soon to be homeless….jobs in this town just closed for good…

  27. Tessa Hippolyte

    Steven. I have a big problem with the IRS is so back with people Tax Refund. Most people are waiting for to help them with their bills, food etc. They need to do something. A lot of people are getting tired and frustrated. Please help.

  28. Carlene Heiskell Hall

    Are gov has gotten so greedy and SLOooW!!!! I'm not surprised they don't give a crap about what we are going through

  29. ApacheCheynne Miller

    Stephen. each time you mention Cassie, (forgive me if wrong spelling), I think of Kassie with the longtime music DJ. Do you remember KC back in the days of the big bands on Dick Clarke then came along KC! Old School! Back to the subject at hand; What is real truth for little action on more stimulus? This money has enabled many to have better forget the few who may have misused what about all who found good use for the governments gift to All Americans? I am so happy to hear about the family support plan. Also, the banks stay in business as long as there is "new money created" from debt. Can we have the transparency that is real rather the political devices coming from the debts of our Congress. We all know talk does nothing but put a spin on value and beliefs.

  30. Sheila Smith

    Americans eligible for weekly stimulus not knowing if any will make it july15 thru next July 15 or beyond.

  31. Jerry Eisenmenger

    I can't stand it to go two days without hearing from you 😭😭

  32. Imelda Thomas

    How much money are you making

  33. Donna Alphonso


  34. Conflict of interest.
    An absolute insult to those of us breaking our backs to barely survive…what gives …

  35. Dora williams

    Don't hold your breath, according to Wall Street analysts. "I think it's unlikely at this time," Raymond James analyst Ed Mills told CNBC. One reason is that the Biden administration is focused on advancing its nearly $2 trillion infrastructure plan, which would reshape the economy by rebuilding aging schools, roads and airports,

  36. Stephen do you have an idea of "when" the 4th stimulus checks will start going out? Because other people are saying this month or next month.

  37. Elba Figueroa-Rivera

    I would take that problem too 5,000.000 get in my pocket book 😂🤣

  38. Joe Ann Allen

    I just want to know why they keep passing bills and allowing governors of states to break what the president said out

  39. LadyPain_TheLegend

    And this is why I made an Onlyfans. Life is good.

  40. Katie Giron Espinoza

    Retired social security Americans need help. Not only SSI or SSDI

  41. Katie Giron Espinoza

    Why have Washington refused to help Social security retired Americans.. we paid taxes for years. SSI & SSDI does not apply..

  42. Constance Jerick - Spooner

    Hi Stephen, Hope you and your family are well… I usually don't complain or anything but I really hope they can hurry up on this. I have a water bill that's my water is going to be shut off if I don't do something soon. Yes I asked for help through my state but they still want you to pay half the bill before they help with the rest don't understand that but all right. So anyway God bless thank you for all your information and hopefully go do something soon… Very Soon.. 😔🌹

  43. I believe my IRS Amended Tax Refund is pending in my bank account. It has been sitting there all weekend but did not deposit today as of yet. We are married filling jointly

  44. Arthur Nyberg

    Insider trading is illegal and should be prosecuted in all cases. Come on, 5 million and Pelosi didn't notice her accounts skyrocketing? Charge her and her husband today!

  45. more lies

  46. devaney bacelar

    Did anyone here already won the money contest?

  47. Frances White

    I came across where You said “All Starts with THINKING”! THANKS for the Reminder!!

  48. I have not received any stimulus. Went to portal, and no info found. I was taking care of my mom. But recvd.nothing. I’m asking for transcripts, with no luck from them. Any suggestions? My moms gone, now. And I now have time to focus on it.
    Thank you, YOU ARE AMAZING!

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