Fourth Stimulus Check Update: Stimulus Programs NEED Refill | Sanders Fights For SS, SSI & SSDI

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Will there be a fourth stimulus check? Why did Biden spend some much time praising the third stimulus check if he wasn’t warming up to the idea of a fourth stimulus check. A 4th stimulus check could be included in the first or second infrastructure bill. However, right now Biden has zero republican support for his bills if they don’t reduce the spending. Also, Senator Kennedy would like to see money from trump and bidens stimulus packages be used before creating more debt. The US dollar is in real danger of losing value.

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– IRS stimulus checks
– 4th & 5th Stimulus Check Update
– Unemployment tax situation
– President Biden’s Build Back Better Infrastructure Bill
– President Biden’s American Families Plan
– Life Insurance
– Home Loans
– Silver and Gold investing
– Dividend Paying Stocks

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  1. Sorry for late video today. Had TERRIBLE computer issues.
    PPP out of money. Eviction Ban lifted. Washington DC might need to do more stimulus for the people and small businesses.
    If businesses are running out of money, I imagine a large number of people have too
    Stay well friends. I'll continue to research and report! Stay Amazing!!

  2. I wouldn’t support Biden on anything. He is a cheater. Once you have cheated you will always do that to get what you want. He cheated his way into the White House. Have no respect for the man

  3. I'm on SSDI and I'm going to be living in my car because my landlord won't help me out and there is no places in my area that will help me out I have asked everything I've asked health and welfare I have asked rental places and they said no we can't help you because we only help people with families and children and immigrants and here I'm disabled and I worked my entire life and was disabled and they can't help me but they can sure help young families and people who are here that are illegal and they help them it's not fair

  4. My ex-husband is on SSDI he got his first two stimulus checks which went into his bank account nothing has changed that's where everything is direct deposited in but he never did get his $1,400 to this day

  5. I think they spent so much on garbage the last stimulus package and will do it again. If they would quit with all of their wants and just think about the people of America maybe they could do another stimulus. Their was more spent last time on their own interests than what was put aside for the people!

  6. Do u have Any Tees for sale? If so where could I find them? I looked on Spring and did not see any. THANK YOU

  7. I'm disabled and on SSDI those stimulus check helped me stay afloat during this pandemic, a fourth stimulus [email protected],000.00(one time payment would be a welcomed blessing

  8. I like the way you think! Both disuse must attempt to work together and compromise.❤️👍🏾

  9. They not sending anymore stimulus money after the 3rd one I know a few people posted about having companys in the past an they got a nice PPP loan I think folks like those are what cost others that actually need the money to stay afloat but it dont surprises me the world has went to crap

  10. the rich should pay more because us people will never make that crazy mouny.

  11. Everyone sayes slow it down tell that the bill bill collection when the bills come do

  12. How about all of us on ssdi/ ssi / VA benefits, that get only less then $780.00 a month?

  13. Long as we get that 250/300 every month starting in July then I'm fine . Not really concerned about that 4th stimulus check .

  14. I remember that if you did not accept a job that offered you what you were making previously to losing your job , or more , you were not longer eligible to collect unemployment benefits. This was what the unemployment agency once practiced to encourage people to return to work. This is the answer to get people back to work , accept the job or lose benefits.

  15. The big divide becomes deeper and deeper. Middle class is dissappearing

  16. I do not support a plan that punishes the rich there is plenty money to cover this and payroll taxes that have been unclaimed through the federal income tax returns it is wrong to single out 1% of the population to support the rest of the population the government receives planning of tax income we should not be increasing anyone's taxes we are trying to hold on jobs so increasing taxes on corporations will cost more jobs then if we allow them a tax break they would hire more employees I think common sense is needed on this issue

  17. Im not working because I had lost my job in August last year that I didn't know I did and I tried to file unployment and can't seem to get through to them.i don't know what to do.

  18. If they do not help the American people with more stimulus I don’t think the 4 trillion dollar bill should be passed. We have issues buying food with the extra taxes. We need to help the American people get on their feet and get the covid under control. If this doesn’t happen, what is the point of fixing roads and bridges? These are completely unrealistic goals and I agree with the senator who said to slow it down. Give American families a change to thrive and then worry about the other wasteful spending !

  19. Yes we the people who voted need help with everything right now God bless you 🙏 help SSI SSD senior need help

  20. Better put the money from the stimulus check aside to pay for the increase in our taxes if the 2017 tax cuts are repealed as Biden wants.

  21. God bless you and your family thank you for all your updates, we love you and all your kind helpfulness.

  22. Almost evert business I walk into are begging to for people to employ. The government was expecting over 1 million jobs in the last report. There was only 266,000 jobs. I live on my social security plus a small retirement check and some money from my IRA. The checks were nice but we are eroding our grandchildren's future.

  23. Things are getting back to normal lots of people out and about… now with the vaccine available just about anywhere… their going to lift a lot of regulations and lower or get rid of unemployment. This isn’t over yet!!

  24. When you do the recovery rebate credit for your stimulus if you owe the IRS they would take that money so that credit rebate is no good don't fall for that because that's how they took mines

  25. I do not support an additional $4 Trillion dollar spending spree. The people of the US will pay for all this through taxes, raised cost of food, housing, purchases and travel.

  26. Stephen if i could do sometbing nice for you and your wife i would you have been so good to us for letting us know what going on and beening ture you are an angle from above love y for. Y for that good night amen

  27. Hay do you know if we are going to get the 200 dollors from social serecty or not hope so next month sure could use it amen