Frazier Kay SaveTheKids Crypto Scam Just Got Worse! – xQc Reacts

xQc Reacts to Frazier Kay Wants to Sue Me For Exposing SaveTheKids
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xQc (Félix Lengyel) is a French-Canadian Twitch streamer and content creator. He is 25 years old and lives in Texas with his roommate Adept. He enjoys streaming. He also enjoys playing and uploading a variety of games, such as Overwatch, Chess, Minecraft, Fortnite, Warzone, and all the hot new game releases. He is also very well known for his entertaining reactions. His favorites include Unusual Memes, Daily Dose of Internet, Jubilee, Comparisons, memes made by viewers on his reddit, and trending.

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  1. Alex Parsons

    Of course Teeqo is clean he is one of the only genuine and honest Faze clan members, wish him the best through this bs

  2. h3h3 is in equal measures opinionated and uninformed and that's a dangerous combination but i guess his viewers don't mind.

  3. Mitchell Jones

    Xqc and Noel Miller in intro? Pog

  4. FinalOpportunity

    what about nadeshot paying 75k$ for a ninja nft? they are all in on the scams because they make so much money

  5. That apology video or whatever the fk is even more cringe. They made his hair look messy, gave him a white shirt (=innocence) and told him to fakecry (probably easy by reminding him of his ending career). Ban this guy from social media and give him a fat fine

  6. 2:17 No need to worry Faze won‘t get any sponsorships anymore lmao

  7. Damn these fiver lawyers have dropped in quality recently

  8. xqc's analogies are getting better the 5head growing in

  9. Barniclez GG

    good people doing good things doing the world a favor. It just makes me sick that people just used these people's integrity to steal and use them.

  10. Coop Possible

    Even though Crypto is not regulated, this is still 100% Charity Fraud. Doesn't matter how the money is being accumulated, the basis of them using a charity to commit fraud is the smoking gun.

  11. I knew teeqo wouldn't do any shady shit

  12. Mikhail Zaruykin

    ricegum is a dead giveaway, but i would hardly trust any token on binance chain

  13. Chance Whybark

    his subconscious decision to wear a white shirt. whites natural association to good. His very stout facial movements and his stone like defensive posture. I think just a hunch he is a lower intellect sociopath. Don’t sue me rip GUILTY

  14. Chance Whybark


    I can hear this as a rap album title. Maybe Em

  15. Thanks for eacting to this, xQc

    Classic C0vid Marketing Scam

  16. I love X but he should just watch the videos cause he has no idea what hes talking about

  17. Sir Hamsterlot

    Kay actually cannot win this in court. Defamation is the most difficult thing to prove because you have to literally prove that it was 100% on purpose lying in order to destroy your reputation. Which is impossible in this case since they literally have proof that what Coffeezilla is saying is not lies and the evidence also shows that Coffeezilla is not doing this out of malicious intent. So literally both points you NEED to prove already is disproven before any litigation happens. And like SomeOrdinaryGamer even says "Litigation would mean a discovery phase, which in turn most likely will not end well well for the suing party"

  18. h3h3 is equal to kermstar ,so X stfu if you have no idea

  19. khattri shows worst than bharmin

  20. This guy lying to everyone what a noob he pumped and dumped.

  21. spinelesswhinybitch

    Im so proud of our boi. Labyu xQc!

  22. I was waiting for Kay to neigh like a horse

  23. Michael Stephens

    Where’s x at?

  24. Imagine losing it all for a small amount of money (to him)

  25. he deleted the one hour video

  26. I didn’t know sam pepper set this up damn. I thought that guy fell off

  27. got a quick cash scam ad on this vid lol

  28. Trigger Beatbox

    I think this is a serious federal offense and he probably will end up serving time or some form of punishment.

  29. why he sound like he dropped his spaghetti XD

  30. no he just got'em

  31. RocketLeague Wizard

    “Imagine getting kicked out of FaZe clan of all things”
    “It’s like being kicked out of detention, I don’t know what to say lul”

  32. H3 is cringe.

  33. RocketLeague Wizard

    When I’m seeing the likes VS dislikes now it’s gone up only around 3-4K likes and 20k+ dislikes haha

  34. XQC has the best analogies.

  35. why xqc look like hamilton

  36. washed otter

    oh wow faze kay should sue the news channels too

  37. I mean, he did this in the past, why are we just bringing it up now? Did he manage to scam more kids this time or what?

  38. uhhstinokky d

    holy shit dude always gotta be long ass videos

  39. El Papi Saint

    Wow this Kay video reminds me of when Jarvis couldn’t play fortnite anymore

  40. Kay sounds like he got hit in the head when he was a child

  41. Besides the scam, it was claiming to be for charity when it wasn't, isn't that illegal?

  42. If you have lost money on the "SaveTheKids" Token, you can report directly to Tips will go to the FBI and the FTC, you should also report your case to the SEC.

  43. I made a comment about faze clan in general a couple years ago on a video from when faze lived in New York how we all knew that faze was gonna end up like this and the people in the group

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