Freedom From Alcohol For A Single Mom – Tamie's Story

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Read Tamie’s full story below:

“Hi, my name is Tamie, I am a 46 year-old single mom, and I’ve been dealing with alcoholism and codependency for the last 20 years. I was pretty much in denial for a very long time because I was functioning: I got up, I went to work, I didn’t have any DUI’s, the kids got to school every day, they got fed, and they had everything they needed. Normally what would happen is if my codependency needs weren’t met, then I would drink. I would get depressed, and I would drink. And my drinking took many forms, it would be one or two after work, or it would be a whole weekend of isolating in my bedroom and drinking. Or it would be drinking until I passed out. What type of mom can I be if I’m drinking all the time? So I knew somebody that worked here at New Beginnings and I basically said “Can you help me?”, because I don’t want to relapse, I don’t want to be the drunk again, I don’t want to lash out at other people. So I started coming here on an outpatient basis because being a single mom, I couldn’t leave my children for a month or two and there was no way I could go to inpatient. So I said, alright, outpatient, I gotta do something. It was nice to hear the feedback of people relating to me, people that have overcome, women, especially that have overcome the codependency. It’s like my self esteem just did a total 180. I think the best part of coming here is that they’re very flexible with their schedule; they have daytime meetings and they have nighttime meetings. I had to do the nighttime meetings of course because I’m working as well, and I actually in the course of my treatment there was something that happened and I thought I was going to relapse over it and I called my therapist and she was able to see me within an hour. I feel good about myself, I feel like I can function and I feel like I can handle the stuff that happens in life. I didn’t get sick overnight and I wasn’t going to get well overnight either. I would plan out my drinking so it wouldn’t affect my life, well I was planning out my recovery because I wanted to change my life. If you’re a mom, a single mom and you’re at home and you’re drinking because you’re overwhelmed by everything and you feel that it’s a problem, give New Beginnings a call. The therapists are great, and the therapists that I’ve dealt with they actually were in recovery as well, so they know it. They didn’t read about it, they know it. So when you walk in and say my stomach hurts because I’ve haven’t had a drink in two days, they get it because they’ve been there, they’ve done that. So that to me is the best therapist because they know it. They’ve felt what I’ve felt. They had the feelings that I had. We tend to think, I’m drinking so I don’t want to feel the bad things, but then you don’t feel the good things as well. And I have so many things to feel good about: my house, my kids, my job, my faith in God and just my recovery. I want to feel that. I’m high on life today and that’s the best high. I’m not going to get arrested, it doesn’t cost me a thing, and I won’t wake up hung over. I like this so much better.”

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What makes NBRC different?
We have spent over 10 years perfecting our approach to treatment, allowing us to have helped thousands of people with our Outpatient services. From detox to treatment to aftercare, now you can get treatment on your own terms, successfully and safely, while tending to your work, school or family obligations. Our staff here at NBRC care about getting you back to you. By focusing on long-term results, we produce different outcomes and permanent results.

What programs do we offer?
• Outpatient Detox – safely and comfortably detox without a confining and costly inpatient hospital stay while keeping you in charge of your life.
• Outpatient Program – offered day or night so that you can continue with your daily life.
• Community-Based Housing – men and women have the option to reside in our housing. We provide transportation needed for shopping, local activities, and appointments.
• Aftercare – stay connected with us at our events and activities. We also help with resume building, job placement and life skills.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

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