GA Unemployment PUA/PEUC Update – Is It Too Late to Reapply?

GA Unemployment PUA/PEUC Update – Is It Too Late to Reapply?

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  1. Peter Prather

    how do you re aplly sir show me, please

  2. Not all states are making their claimants reapply. Georgia…..

    Is it the regular “file a claim” link!? Or what link do I use? Inside of my account, there is no link.

  3. Traci Sanders

    My BYE date was March 27, I reapplied, I got a letter stating that I was approved & what my benefit amount would be. I continued to maked claims, & have continued to, but nothing. I go to check my status & it says ur claim is being processed please allow 48 hrs, its been saying that for over 6 wks. I have called, emailed numerous people, ive left numerous messages, emails, & still nothing. I lost my job of 15 yrs bc the business couldn't reopen, ive been doing the best I can since, with the help of unemployment, I only work part-time bc the establishment is under-staffed & no choice but to close. Is there anyone out there who can help me? At this point any advice would help. TIA.

  4. Clara Windham

    Thank you so much! I didn't know what todo.

  5. Dennis Quick

    do you have a contact person at GDOL. My initial claim was on September 26,2020 through mid February 2021. I received a call in late December indicating that I would receive payments. I have not received any payments. I continue to be locked out when I try to check on my claim. Can you help me?

  6. kkmmjbnjuniu


  7. Freddie Sutton

    my year ending date is 9/7/21 but they have not paid mre anythng sience december

  8. What if bye date is 5/22 but file 5/1 but haven't received the money however I did the recertification on myiu page but haven't been payed.

  9. They only had the option of applying for regular unemployment on their website

  10. Mary Jacocks

    Hi I did reapply and still did not receive anything

  11. Baquet's ArtBakeryLLC

    They never emailed or nothing about reapplying. But I did after 2 weeks of not knowing smh.
    It's been a month, still claiming every week. I pray it comes because these bills keep coming on time

  12. Matt I notice you give a lot of good advice, do you know anything about GDOL Affidavit form. It has a BYB Add/CWB date.Can you tell me the meaning. What is CWB date.

  13. My bye date was 3/27 but I did not know we had to file a new claim so I did on 4/08 will I still get money or is it to late?

  14. Malcolm Trawick

    It's been 6 days and I verified through idme I haven't received the email to reset pin. any info?

  15. ernestolopez23

    I waited like 2 weeks after the BYE date, oh well I didn’t have any way of knowing like most unfortunately. Thanks for the information brother

  16. Kallai Burns

    hey, is filing an appeal the same thing as reapplying??

  17. Jeff Paullin

    I just reapplied today on the 21st and my benefit year ending date was April 10th. How long until I get paid and will I get paid for last week?

  18. Tigist Wassihun

    Is it the same for every state. After the bye date will i need to apply for PUA again.

  19. The Sweet Life of Dee

    Thanks so much, can u imagine how many ppl need this extra money

  20. What about in NYC under PUA?

  21. tomeka Colbert

    Thanks, How long does it take after you file

  22. Quick update on my claim*
    So my end date was March 20th reapplied on April 3rd..waited 11 days and heard nothing..Yesterday afternoon (4/19)* a friend texted me that if you have a claim number call your local career center and leave a message with your claim number.. I kid you not I did this and within less then 12hrs I got an approval email and my weeks were up to date..make sure you guys watch your emails both regular inbox and your spam/junk mail..I found my approval in email in my junk mail for some reason..I’m still waiting to be paid out for my missed weeks..but so far so good..I hope this helps someone! Prayers up🙏🏿🤞🏾

  23. Columba Rosa

    if they ask you to reset your password, you can use the same one. it worked for me.

  24. Joshua Jones

    Anyone here in PEUC program last year and switched to UI after reapplying?? I got my backpay when my BYE ended but none for the weeks ive been certifying. If anyone can help God bless!

  25. I had no idea I had to re-apply! Thank you!

  26. Hi, Matt. I sent you comment few minutes ago on this site – but I don't see it now. What happened?

  27. Emanuel King

    Afther I reaply do I need to still certify every week

  28. Shekeb Sekander

    Hey guys. So my claim finally got processed. However, when I go to the suggests link, there’s a section where it says access denied. Does that mean your boy ain’t getting paid? Meh

  29. Alan Peeples

    Is Anybody having trouble Signing into there UI page Today?

  30. They are saying you need to reapply. However, under Biden's stimulus plan for unemployment, there should not be a delay in benefits and no BYE date. GDOL is not doing it correctly. Biden in his new unemployment law stated that they were waived GDOL is not following the LAW.

  31. I never knew I was supposed to refile until my money didn't show up this week. No emails, paper mail or notes on my account. I hope they don't take long. Last year when I first filed it took a very long time.

  32. What about the people who still haven’t received unemployment in 5-6 months ago

  33. Hi Matt, my PUA still 39 weeks. Pls advice Thank you!

  34. Tajma Washington

    Sharing my PUA experience in GA : BYE 3/21/21 renewed 3/23/21 . I continued to file weekly claims. Received an email 4/13/21 stating my claim was approved. Payment is pending in the portal to be released 4/15/21.

  35. Lafayette Caina

    Are payments late this week

  36. Hey matt,I really need help.i refiled 2 weeks ago.stil no payments,what should I do

  37. Pamla Hughes

    Matt, thank you for your advise to file a new claim. I was so confused because I was not seeing a link. However, I just went in and used the link on the home page. This has been a very challenging period for all of us. Thank you for taking your time and helping us all out here as you help your dad and other family members. I’m older too. I really don’t think I could have kept my sanity thru all of this without you❣️

  38. Jorge Castañeda

    Where do you reapply or just have to file a claim like u normally do every week or haw?

  39. Mago Velazquez

    I had no idea 🤦🏻‍♀️ Thank God I ran into your channel ! Thank you soooooo much!

  40. I think all of my PEUC unemployment benefits run out but because I got benefits last week but not this week I thought that PEUC was extended to September. But it won't let me reply for benefits its not letting me file a new claim for unemployment benefits.what do I do im still unemployment since I was let go from the pandemic of last year I need unemployment benefits for my bills and family

  41. TaJuana Wade

    My bye date was 4/03 and I reapplied on 4/04. All I got is a confirmation number. My question is does this mean i did something wrong?

  42. Maria Turner

    Where do you re apply if you are PUA? Do I need to change my pin number?

  43. Michael Harris

    My bye date was 3/27/21. I’m on PEUC. My PEUC weeks says 53 weeks. I noticed my max benefit amount updated to around $19,000 and remaining balance is at $14,000. Is anyone experiencing anything similar? I have reapplied.

  44. Hey Matt. My year end date was April 10, 2021. When I attempted to reapply for unemployment benefits I keep receiving an error message stating that I need to enter new PIN and verification. The system will not allow me to move beyond the first page. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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