GAME OVER SOLANA?! | Cryptocurrency Weak Signals BE CAREFUL! Bitcoin, Ethereum & Cardano Analysis

Some cracks in crypto are surfacing. This video looks at the Make or Breakpoints for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and SOLANA!
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00:00 Simple Chart Analysis
Thanks for tuning in! I do my best to make chart reading simple for you.
00:17 Btc Looking for a V Shape Bottom
Yet to see a strong recovery – perhaps the lows are in danger
01:15 It’s All About 50%
My favorite Technical Analysis tool at work in Bitcoin
02:28 Bitcoin Volatility
Some short-term craziness took place in cryptocurrency, and the size of the bars says it all
04:02 Short-Term to Long-Term
How I juggle perspectives
04:40 Ethereum Holding Strong
ETH is holding some important levels
05:50 Whale Action In ETH
The BIG volume coming in at the lows
07:06 ADA Review Be Humble.
Price predictions worked out pretty good this time around!
How long can the bull market last?
Subtle signs of weakness
12:17 Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana
Recap on the overall market
12:58 Leave me a comment!
Let me know what you think!

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  1. Rachel Becker

    Thank you so much Michael, first time watching your video, i have following jason for a few months now. your video is great love the depth you have and you analysis thank you, wish i had watched this when you launched it sol has dropped $50 a coin now

  2. Narayan Dhongdi

    Excellent… Nice to see multiple chart analysis. Ty 🙏🏻

  3. Single Guy 4 You

    new sub here…great video hoping for SOL at $ 120.00 so can buy a big bag

  4. Love your short sharp to point analysis. Futures open interest shows green but weak on Eth and Sol … grinding sideways

  5. First time in your channel. Following Jason since June.
    What do you think about LUNA ?
    It had a similar run like SOL, seems unstoppable.
    DOT seems to stuck in 30s, what do you think?

  6. Benemortasia

    For a learner (in trading/investing), for like 6months now, the content is at the exact right pace and level to grab out all the info in it. Just keep it up I like your vids

  7. Great video! Following some youtubers on crypto, but they throw around to much emotions. (Like your brothers videos aswell) You keep it clean and follow patterns thats easy to understand. Keep it up!

  8. Hi! Quick question, How do you create those 50% levels in trading view?

  9. jennifer capo

    A small suggestion. When you speak about lows and highs on charts – also state the price – as I’m not always watching YouTube but rather listening instead. While driving or other. Thanks!

  10. really like how you keep it simple

  11. Emmanuel Comtois

    Thanks for your insights! Love these short blasts full of info! Keep it up!

  12. Richard Mark Nagy

    My DCA target is 40-43k. We’re still forming a bull flag on the weekly. September is historically bad for BTC, so I everything is going according to plan. DCA and listen to the Pizzinos my friends.

  13. Ada going down as expected. You were right!

  14. September is never a very great month but "oh ho ho this time will be different!" I thought to myself as I decided not to take more profits on ADA and SOL.

  15. Great unemotional analysis as usual. Thanks Michael!

  16. Loved the video mate, keen to see more content in the patreon

  17. Your amazing at what you do! Thanks so much!

  18. I sold some SOL but still have good hope for it and ADA, great video. I need to watch more of your stuff, very informative! I think the market is just in a natural correction state still from the exponential rise last winter. Do you have any thoughts on privacy based coins like Monero or DeepOnion? I think the privacy coins in general are way undervalued and appreciated.

  19. Another great one:) The 0.5 "Fib" has quickly become a favorite in my toolbox and has already proven to be very helpful, thank you! Do you use any other volume indicators beside the basic "volume" to find out where big money might be positioned? f.e. Session volume (VPSV) or something?

  20. Great analysis as always! These 50% levels are a great way of spotting good entry points, and I haven't seen this in any other channel. Thanks.

  21. MoriatyMusic

    Very useful man. Thank you

  22. Such respect for taking the time out to reply to everyone’s comments👌. Keep killing it man 🤙

  23. Great update Michael. Another great video.

  24. Rodrigo Gil Flores

    The fact I sold some of my SOL bags before watching your video gives me some hope I am learning something. Thank for all this golden info mate, very appreciated!

  25. Frans Wessels

    Thanks mate, loving the content super easy to understand 👍

  26. Michael Babekuhl

    Really enjoying your videos and insights Michael. Have been in shares for a few years, but new to Crypto myself and playing with the demo option on Swyftx before I dive in. I feel that I’ve missed the latest run on the majors. Would love to know who else you respect as a Crypto expert (apart from Jason) and how you cut through the noise to find the next Sol?

  27. Inspi Ration

    Another great video, Michael. Always super informative in only a few minutes. Thanks!

  28. Great analysis! And so well laid out….

  29. You may be wrong

    Sol will go higher soon up to 300 🚀🚀🚀

  30. Marko Kukovec

    You got me there with ADA 50% level support not being in the middle, scratching my head until it dawned on me that is logarithmic scale. Why do you use logarithmic scale? Isn't logarithmic scale typically used in cases when value range is so big that presenting in the normal scale would not be readable?

  31. Is your brother Jason

  32. Never comment on any utube videos but I am this time because you sir have excellent TA. Very unique and balanced. Grateful for you sharing your insight.

  33. Your videos cram more alpha in sub 15 minutes than most crypto yt in hour long stints. Thank you for these. Cheers

  34. Do like your style and the length of the videos is good. I hold almost no BTC and thus mainly in ALTs. However there should always be one eye on BTC and would be good to have you opinion on BTC macro, Monthly /Weekly, your view on ABC correction to low 10k or could 30k be the lowest base. We appreciate that it’s just a speculation and not a financial advice, but it’s good to have youtubers sentiment to get another dimension to the market

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