GIG WORKERS GET $600+ PER WEEK with Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)! | FREELANCERS!

Are you a self-employed creator who has lost some or ALL of your work due to the pandemic? Are you a struggling Videographer? Photographer? Editor? Graphic Designer? Musician? If so, you NEED TO APPLY for unemployment assistance ASAP! You could be receiving more than $600 per week and this is HOW YOU DO IT!

We brought in a Certified Tax Accountant to break down exactly what courses of action creators should be taking to secure themselves financially during this crisis. In this video, I will explain exactly what the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program is, how you can apply for it, how much money you can make every week, where to sign up, resources you should explore, & more! We also dive into the best way to receive your federal stimulus check.

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Unemployment Resources mentioned in the video!
⚫Your state’s maximum weekly unemployment benefits 👉
⚫California PUA Application: 👉
⚫California PUA Info Page: 👉
⚫IRS Schedule C 1040 Form : 👉

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  1. Black With No Cream

    We hope this was helpful! Be sure to check out the resource links that we have listed in the description as well as the full interview with Kevin the Accountant! Available on all platforms. If you have any other advice, please share it in the comments!

  2. Pastor Tiffany Jeffers

    Thanks! Just got hung up on by Richard in Pennsylvania PUA office because I gave him these facts and he tried his hardest to deny me like it was his money.

  3. How does PUA work for gig worker that deliver food? Cause they can’t actually be FIRED so how do they go about getting approved in their case?? Thanks

  4. I dont have a 1040c can i still apply, please help???

  5. Hey Buddy Guy Friend Pal

    I’m in Hawaii . I didn’t qualify for unemployment .. tried Pua. Have been waiting since March to get assistance. I am a gig worker. I filled out every detail and submitted every single thing required. I was told I need to get 1099 or submit w-2… as a musician I cannot go back to every gig and request a letter verifying I play a music gig there… THATS FUCKING ABSURD… so don’t have enough for food or rent and dealing with the gov is impossible. Now what? Anyone

  6. Brenventures

    So I finally received word back and somehow, I'm eligible for regular unemployment, which means I'm not eligible for the $600/week PUA, so instead of that, I get $79/week on unemployment. Needless to say I'm pretty confused and frustrated. Anyone have a similar experience?

  7. I worked postmates for 2 months and got taxed and now I’m getting 750 extra a week with pua lol

  8. Paul Shoots Video

    There’s such a stigma around unemployment and this is so needed right now! Y’all, apply! If you don’t deserve it, they’ll deny you. Stop leaving money on the table

  9. Just curious: When reporting the income amounts in PUA CA are you only inputting the money you made from the freelance work? For example, I worked at In N Out Burger until December of 2019 while I was also doing video and photo gigs throughout most of 2019. Me leaving my job at In N Out wasnt a result of the pandemic, but the gigs im missing out on now ARE, so im wondering where the threshold lies. Do I have to be making a certain amount of money from freelance work to qualify for the $600/week?
    Thanks for any help you can offer!

  10. Marin Hamataj

    This is awesome bro!!, this sure does help people are in need of this in times like this!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  11. Dope vid and great info! As a self employed freelancer you pay unemployment tax and if you file for it you will pay more months to come for the unemployment tax?

  12. Thank you Ben! ❤️🙏🏽

  13. Kaiser Cunningham

    Hell yeah! Great episode!

  14. &amo - Damo - andamoii

    Shout out to all my creatives!! I’m jealous low key hahaha take advantage and use that money to grow! I’m currently considered essential so I’m workin nonstop, but we can’t be stopped man, still learning still grinding, stay hungry my ppl, KEEP CREATING!! Much love

  15. Nicholas Beukemann

    Fire episode! I scooped my extra $600 and it’s helped a shit ton

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