GOOD NEWS! 4th Stimulus Check Update | BIG Changes | Senate’s Next Move | It’s About Time – July 12

FINALLY GOOD NEWS! Welcome to your 4th stimulus check update, new stimulus package & infrastructure update, and daily news report for Monday July 12th…


Major News & Stimulus Update:

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Recurring Direct Payments:

Happening Today:

10 More Days!

CRAZY NEWS – May 26th:

2 More Weeks:

$2,000 Checks Once Again!

Details Of $3,600 Child Tax Credits:​​​​​​​​…

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My name is Adam Snyder and here on YouTube we cover business as well as finance and stimulus. I do my best to provide you with all the newest stimulus updates and stimulus package news. If you want to stay updated on all things stimulus, then you need to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE right now!

Many people ask me about when a fourth stimulus check will be approved, how much will I get in a 4th stimulus check, will I qualify for the additional unemployment stimulus, will the 4th stimulus check include me if I am on social security, are there any rental assistance programs for me where I live, and so much more. I love getting your questions and I love answering them as well in order to help you out as much as possible. When you provide a question in the comment section about new stimulus package negotiations or stimulus check 4, then it provides me with content that I can create the following day. So thank you for all that you do as well.

If you didn’t come here and enjoy these fourth stimulus check update videos and stimulus package updates then I would not do them as much as I do. I want to help out my community as much as possible and if I need to do hours and hours of research to make this happen, then that is exactly what I will do.

Whether there is a $1,400 stimulus check coming or a possible $2,000 stimulus check, I will keep you updated on everything that you need to know. I want to make sure you know what is going on with new stimulus proposals as well as President Biden’s stimulus demands and more. If you have a question about the next round of stimulus, then ask here.

Whether there is a new 4th stimulus package being negotiated or not doesn’t matter. I will bring you more updates on the Cares Act, Heroes Act, Heals Act, or any new stimulus proposals that Congress wants to put in front of us. I am here to help you understand what is happening between Congress and how these stimulus bills may affect you. Stimulus payments or not, I am still going to keep you updated on all stimulus news…

Thank you for joining me on these stimulus bill updates and fourth stimulus check videos. If there is ever anything that I can help you with regarding stimulus or how to increase your wealth, then feel free to comment below and I will do my best to help you out.

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  1. I don’t call that good news

  2. There you go folks you heard it right here they are not interested in giving us stimulus checks

  3. Pennsylvania is hot

  4. Now September

  5. What happened to July?

  6. Can’t wait to hear the good news

  7. Anniston Moll

    They're not giving you anything just people with kids. Stop being lazy sitting on the couch and get a job.

  8. Christy McCartney

    What happened to the cash for clunkers thing?

  9. Christy McCartney

    Trust Sanders over Manchin and Support Sanders & Forget Manchin hé has less experience And is allowing the filibuster to stand. Not good for the nation or we Americans.

  10. Jacqueline Lucas

    Hey Virgo

  11. Marline Harris

    Y'all doing a whole bunch of talking but not saying they approved of a 4 stimulus check

  12. Rodrigo Sommers

    Good info, however you making this videos just made more than what a stimulus check is worth. All these YouTuber are just making money off the controversy so be careful you guys who you listen too and research yourself for reliable information 🤓

  13. Goddamn couple months later and dudes still making the same exact vids with the same exact comments. Y’all are a broken record

  14. So there's no money for adults ? I heard that it's Money for Mother's and Father's with children but nothing for the others people tell me what going on for real?

  15. You say good news on your sight… I get on and it’s all bad news!!!

  16. I don't understand a lot of stuff so people on disability will get a forced stimulus check in Ohio

  17. Dorinda Peterick

    This is wrong us poor people that get social security, SSI, pension, and all above bot BIDEN KICKED US WHERE THE SUNSHINdont show hes trying 2 kill us hes just given people with KIDS that's all wrong the president BIDEN she not be PRESIDENT if hes going 2 give only people with kids that's not right we all people need it 1st and then that dont help us people with hardly with money or none at all so he should get off his high horse and help us all

  18. I have no problem with the government extending funds to families with children. However, families with children should not be the only citizens to be considered .
    What about the remainder of us who are struggling? There are people out here living in horrendous situations with specified needs that are not being addressed. I understand the child's tax credit for the next 6 months; however, those families should not be the only families to receive this luxury. Those of us who are seniors are kicked under the bus & forgotten. So inconsiderate. The funding should be appropriately distributed among more than the child tax credit Bill. Help…. !!!

  19. The IRS does not even know anything about the stimulus test because we had called in a check they said they haven't heard anything about them yet what's going on you guys are telling us we're getting them but the IRS don't know anything about it

  20. These click bait jerks just feed us crap daily just so they can put out videos and get paid… about you put out videos when you actually HAVE good news.

  21. Michael Noviello

    Talk about burying the lead!! 9 minutes in??…LOL…Families still need help, but social security seniors do as well. Nobody cares about older people until they get older!

  22. Karl CAMPBELL


  23. William villamil

    Wow amazing I thought America was the richest country in the world and here we're worried about how we're going to feed the American people or help the American people what a shame but there's money there for the rich people look what Trump did for the rich people on that tax cut nothing for the poor but everything for the rich just keep on sending the white man all that money don't worry about it

  24. William villamil

    Tell Moscow Mitch to tell the Russians to pay for it

  25. Thomas delvin

    he reason this country doesn't function is because people keep listening to the bull of these YouTube puppets who repeat the same crap every day as the politicians. they are like the old psychic telephone scam centers where they get paid to keep you on the line for as long as they can while they get paid for stalling. sound familiar??? this dude is another google operative also known as a goop! " google owned operative propagandist"

  26. Lorenzo Black

    They should not be allow to be on recess until it's done a d pass. They fooling around and people including me going to be backed up on bills once again. I think they should do UBI immediately for ssi etc and then stimulus but we need it immediately.

  27. Nelbert Pascual personal channel


  28. Bobby Douglas

    Fake news 😅😅😅😂😌

  29. Climate change hahahahaha when I was a kid we called it summer!!!!!

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