Today’s Crypto News: Bitcoin [BTC] Ethereum [ETH] Flash Crash | F2POOL ⚠️Exclusive Crypto Content Bitcoin 101 Class …


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  2. Yeah the level of shorts on bitmex was like 95%

  3. I'm a new subscriber. George is the best crypto commentator. Within a few days watching his videos, I learned so much. Thank you George.

  4. Sherlock Holmes of crypto 🧐

  5. They did it in the stock market for sure they will do it with crypto currency. They don't care a sh*t about the other investors but about their own. Good job Georg. You get them.

  6. It happens every time it gets neare a ath, pure manipulation.

  7. Thank you 🙏🏻

  8. Mo Rich Channel

    Awesome there friend. Wonderful share.

  9. Waifu for Laifu

  10. Cryptid Crypto

    Great research!

  11. Bitcoin Pump It Up

    💪🏼🚀💎 HODL GANG!

  12. Srinivas Mani

    Shall i buy BCTR Bitcratic token? 28K Supply.

  13. Gaetano Pellegrino

    Time to sell?

  14. Hung Shu Rong

    I'm officially a George now.

  15. Miliarto Takumi

    Should i hold?

    My 35k usd now only 13k usd
    I buy bake token all in
    when 2.2 usd and want to sell to bnb coin when peak

    Now is only 0.9 usd

  16. Great video. Thank you for sharing

  17. I understand if it happens on bitfinex, but bitmex is purely derivatives and the index price is based on several other exchanges, ie Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coinbase, Gemini and Kraken. Crashing the price in bitmex should not cause a drop in the spot BTC price.

  18. WeareGeorge

  19. Ricardo De Sousa

    ADA. Time for lift off.

  20. Victoria Dylan

    Hello George

  21. Tyree and Lana

    Are you still making car reviews bro?

  22. Kakarotte Kwm


  23. Savage Hornpoke

    If F2 Pool was successful, they will do it again. They will be more sneaky about it. And they will do it more often.

  24. Savage Hornpoke

    Do you believe F2 Pool will do it again? Let's get on board with the fluxuations they cause. Now that we know who is doing it and why and when, warn us, we sell, we buy back in.

  25. Drivinme nuts Nuts

    Keep I up the good work you get an A from me 👍

  26. Peter Tremouliaris

    Unbelievable Thank you George for educating us on this. You will be the first guy I watch each day for information! I wonder what that means for how we handle our BTC and all crypto going forward, if they keep doing this? Curious what your thoughts are because I have a feeling that this may be repeated more often, especially if they made a killing. We need to find a way to stop them each time they crash the crypto market!

  27. Andy Westmore

    Nice work…..mindblowing… i know why I got rekt….

  28. George. Sorry but all big companies in the World are involved with gov. Big companies influences society. all gov control some way.
    like you said, is just the way it is.

  29. Evelyn Hampton

    Ah classic move, isn’t how one of the guys made billions crashing the British pound by crash selling £20 million. How is this still legal?

  30. THey need arresting.😤

  31. Crypto Monkey

    Love ur chan man, keep up the good work. Do we know how much F2Pool have left to sell off ? Im trying to catch up to your epic brain

  32. I hope they'll get rekked.

  33. Jimbob Jones

    Stop the miners I want a video card.

  34. Adam Selinger

    I don't think MEX allows you to use 100X leverege on thousands of BTC.

  35. The cryptocurrency has charted a 10-fold rally in the past 11 months, offering a significantly higher return than gold amid the massive inflation-boosting monetary and fiscal stimulus delivered by authorities worldwide to counter the coronavirus-induced economic slowdown. The precious metal reached a record high of $56.000 in February 2021 and has been trending higher ever since. I invested 6BTC and I have been earning 2BTC weekly..

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