Help Desk Course: Computer imaging back up and restore tutorial

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What IT course should I take first?

Do you offer LIVE Training?

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Do you have more career-related videos or vlogs?

Can you really learn IT in just three to six months?

Absolutely! There are no general education courses that are unrelated to your future IT job. You will learn real-world IT skills that you can immediately start using once you land an IT job. Plus, we provide hands-on labs. The best way to learn technology is to just do it. So you are actually practicing what you learn as you learn it. By the end your three to six months training, you will actually be doing the exact things employers will ask you to do.

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How does jobskillshare compare to a 2 or 4-year college?

Jobskillshare focuses exclusively on training you for the job skills required to get started in a technology career. The goal of 2-4 year schools is generally to provide a well-rounded education. That’s why traditional colleges and community colleges require that almost 50% of your classes are in “general education” – which may or may not help you advance your career goals. By teaching only the technology job skills you need, jobskillshare is able to “accelerate” your education time frame and ensure that the technology you are learning is not outdated.
I explained how our certification will help

Do you need a degree to land an IT Job?

In today’s economy where the demand for skilled IT workers significantly exceeds the supply of qualified candidates, most employers are more interested in whether or not you can do the job than whether you have a degree. According to recent Census data, only 38% of web developers have a four year degree. In a survey of 2400 CIO’s by Robert Half Technology, 71% said they place more emphasis on “skills and experience than on whether or not a candidate attended college/university”. While there are still some companies and some positions that require a degree, the vast majority of job opportunities do not. These opportunities are being filled with individuals with the right technology job skills.
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How to do I get started?

Option A: Become a premium member and start from self-paced IT fundamental course (This option does not include, bare metal server and other advanced services, please check the membership page for more details)

Option B: Take live training with our expert IT professionals (Limited seats, this option comes with a premium membership, bare metal server, and other advanced services)

Live Training:

Join 36,000+ IT Members

Do you offer a partnership?
Email: [email protected]

Can I promote my videos on jobskillshare channel?
Yes, we will discuss terms please email [email protected]

Can I teach on
We would love to have you teach our members please email [email protected]

#jobskillshare What IT course should I take first?

Do you offer LIVE Training?

Do you have more career-related videos or vlogs?

Join 36,000+ IT Members

Do you offer a partnership?
Emai: [email protected]



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  1. Thank you dear Danish ! Bless you for all the hard work you do to help the world learn IT. Much appreciated.

    Sometimes I watch and learn so much. Even if I get confused a little bit and have to ask follow up questions, at least I know that I am thinking about concepts and learning new skills. Thank you !

  2. Do you have to retake your ccna and other network exams microsoft exams too ? also do you have to retake it every 3 years??

  3. Let me see if I understand something and anybody can comment…..You make an image of the whole OS including the OS+applications that you normally use right…? ok that image that you create which must be pretty big, you use a program to create that image and then you put that image in a big external drive probably more than 100 Gb..? so why the need to create a partition in the same physical drive…?

  4. trying to log onto your site and it gives me "You do not have cookies support enabled in your browser. Chamilo relies on the feature called "cookies" to store your connection details." But my cookies are enabled. I'm using Firefox 34.0.5. This is a Chamilo bug. How do I log onto your site without this error?

  5. Great video. Your instructions were very clear. I have a question, though. When creating an image, don't I have to save the EFI system partition, too?

  6. Thank you so much , the info that you shared is very much useful .. Keep up ur good work !!! 🙂