Heroes Providing Hope | See Life 2021 – Episode 2

What happens inside a pro-life pregnancy medical clinic?

And how is it different than what happens with an abortion provider?

You’ll learn the answers to those questions, plus you’ll meet some of the heroes on the front lines helping women facing unexpected pregnancies as the SeeLife 2021 digital journey continues.

Episode 2 is called “HEROES PROVIDING HOPE” and shows how pro-life pregnancy medical clinics provide a wealth of healthcare services to women and men — taking the time to walk through all their options.

At the center of this personal care is the ultrasound scan, which allows a woman and her family to be introduced to her baby. In the weeks and months that follow, pro-life pregnancy clinics connect moms-to-be with support networks who join the clinic in wraparound care through labor and delivery and beyond.

This is true pregnancy healthcare.

This is holistic care for women.

Pull up a chair for the next 19 minutes and listen to these INSPIRING heroes:

-Amy Ford, founder of Embrace Grace
-Jor-El Godsey, president of Heartbeat International
-Toni Clarke, executive director of Assure Women’s Clinic in Omaha, Neb.
-Robyn Chambers, executive director of Advocacy for Children, Focus on the Family

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    The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only message in the world that has the power to transform hearts 💔—> ❤️
    By God’s grace 🙏
    And for God’s glory 👆🏼

  2. Focus on the Family

    Thanks for signing in to watch See Life 2021 – Video #2! To find a Pregnancy Resource Center near you, visit https://mychoicenetwork.org/!

  3. It has been a privilege to volunteer at the pregnancy resource center in my area. I am a male client advocate – a pregnancy center is foreign territory to most guys and they can sit in the lobby like a deer in the headlights – It is my job to talk to them and let them be heard, letting them know how important they are in the situation.

  4. George Escobar

    Life can be messy, but there are “heroes” who are there to help.

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