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We are living in exceptional times. Scientists tell us that we have 10 years to change the way we live, avert the depletion of natural resources and the …

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  1. I Muted the sound on this vid. instead I listened to: HHT at Fantasy Studios – Orphan's Lament.mov in a diff youtube page. Enjoy!

  2. @TalentoNZ Did you get the Morgan Freeman idea from Discovery channel?:D
    Trough The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman?

  3. i bet the 4740 people and more the fallowing's are part of the 2% of the greedy assholes who only think about the money !

  4. What?? 16,000,000 views only?

    This should have 7,000,000,000 views!!

    Everyone one this planete should have seen this!

    Everyone has the right to see the beautiful world they are living in.

    And maybe then, people will think twice about throwing a plastic bag into the sea…

  5. I recently got a question: "Which was the last film to which I cried". I can now say that this is the one. It's sad how we use the earth. One person can change all, sadly I'm incapable of being the one… Still I hope that there will be many of these persons that can change the world alone and together they shall bring our world the better future.

  6. 4.738 religious extremists who think that the earth is anly 4000 years old… hahaha

  7. By the way, one easy and helpful way you can help is by making this movie your channel's featured video. It's really one of those cases where the more, the merrier.
    Because, hey, do you really have anything more important to feature than a documentary about the Earth and humanity?

  8. Tragically beautiful. I felt chills throughout this movie. Indeed, the informed person will know just about everything shown here, but the presentation is excellent, makes an impact, leaves an impression. The end part does serve to give hope and shake us out of fear instilled until then so we can feel inspired and act, but really, after the initial segment which only inspires awe and until the end, the chills felt were all out of fear. Fear for our future.
    Humanity's really gone out of control.

  9. @AmoureuxdeKOSMOS So if a country with cultures that allow these things to happen, imagine what they teach in school. A twisted representation of reality.
    Obviously why you doubt human input on Global warming.
    My point was not about your race, but the fact that you come from a country that is ok to do these acts, generating a warped perception of culture surrounding them, and a warped understanding.
    Same with Americans and gun culture. You can't talk to them about it because they are warped.

  10. @AmoureuxdeKOSMOS By the way, i forgot to mention the other reason I can't be bothered. Your French. Remember the Moruroa Atoll? The French nuclear testing? Were you even born then? 135 tests over about an 18 year period in the 1970's and again 8 more in the mid 1990's.
    No wonder you think global warming is false, I can only imagine the warped shit your being taught in school if this is your countries global footprint.
    Go travel, drink foreign water, it's best education you'll ever get.

  11. Environmental Destruction is mainly due to capitalism…(and I'm not a communist) its just the truth, its the impulses that come along with making profit..which leads to exploitation of natural resources…its like the Kuznets curve (supply and demand)

  12. love this, only problem is that is sposored buy a big companys that are part of destroying the world. still we don't change. still we keep living like we living.
    And nothing changes, I'm not saying that I'm perfekt or doing something. But my point is that the big company the leaders of the countrys have to change. After that can the simple human beeing do the big change.

  13. @AmoureuxdeKOSMOS Your saying that a social awareness, and global understanding about the issues is no reason to believe the hype. Ignorant. Nothing else.
    The data across all disciplines in science are saying we are heading towards big trouble, and human impact has a huge variance on the pace that it happens. The last 50-60 has shown this exponential speed of destruction.
    The Sun is NOT going into a heating up phase. And yes, it's wrong to go against a global understanding of our position.

  14. @kachkowski1 @kachkowski1 your comments are very elementary level arguments. doesn't hold water with me. i could go into it, but, i am too tired and bored. be all you can be, man. BLAME CANADA! BLAME CANADA! you guys are p*ssies who don't do anything to make the world safer and help people. pretty boring, unimportant, country to be honest. so, the feelings mutual. you guys are nothing but a rude, boring, bland, French colony.