How Ad Tracking Works and How It Will Change in The Future

Wondering how ad tracking works? Looking for an answer to the question, “What is ad tracking?” Wonder no more! The way advertisers gather information about their audiences will change dramatically in the near future, and Dan has the information you need to get ahead of the updates.

Tech companies are increasingly focused on user privacy, which means gathering data about your audience through third-party cookies will become more difficult—even impossible in some instances.

Third-party cookies are bite-sized files that remember your information online, such as your behavior and the websites you visit. Both Apple and Google are making efforts to block third-party cookies in their products. These efforts impact many websites and apps, including your favorite social media platforms.

While tracking cookies will become obsolete, you can still gather audience insights through first-party data. Your business gathers first-party data through its own marketing efforts. Whenever someone subscribes to your emails, visits your website, contacts you, or makes a purchase, you can collect information that allows you to enhance your digital marketing strategy. First-party ad tracking can help you connect with customers and take control of your data.

Video timestamps:
00:00:00 // What is ad tracking?
00:01:36 // Current ways tracking works
00:02:40 // Explanation of cookies
00:03:41 // How digital advertising will change
00:04:53 // How to adjust to changes with first-party data
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