How Big Stimulus Checks would be if Foreign Aid were $0

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Trump won’t be signing the covid relief bill! He’s talking about the omnibus bill!!
Nancy Pelosi AGREES to do $2,000 stimulus checks.
Chuck Schumer AGREES to $2,000 stimulus checks and $4,000 for couples.
Steny Hoyer AGREES to do $2,000 stimulus checks.
Bernie Sanders agrees to do $2,000 stimulus checks.
Roy Blunt does NOT believe there are enough votes to get $2,000 stimulus checks passed.

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Second Stimulus check update as of Friday 12-25-2020.
The New Omnibus and Covid Relief (Stimulus Check) Package includes the following:
-$600 stimulus checks to adults.
-$600 stimulus checks to child dependents.
-$75k single phase out for checks / $150k married filing jointly phase out (reduces $5 per $1000 extra you make).
-No cap on dependents.
-Stimulus checks will come as soon as December 28, 2020 (per Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin).
-$300/wk Unemployment (11 week extension for all unemployment including PUA / PEUC).
-SSDI/SSI Stimulus Checks
-A deal between Pelosi, democrats, and republicans with Toomey on the Fed’s 13-3 facilities.
-Business meals tax deductible.
-Second PPP round with 25% decline in revenue. New first PPP round.
-New “targeted” EIDL Grants. Emergency Injury Disaster Loan Grants.
-Rental relief with state governments.
Stimulus check update as of Friday 12-25-2020.

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Steve Mnuchin, Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, and Kevin McCarthy have finally managed to get the $900 billion dollar stimulus package agreed upon. This is a smaller stimulus check bill than the Cares Act, but it’s very much needed.

This video provides an update on stimulus check distribution, stimulus check deposits and mailing, stimulus check timing, unemployment support help, EIDL stimulus help, renter relief help, rental relief help, state-run rental relief programs, unemployment programs, restaurant support, PPP support, first draw of PPP money, second draw of PPP money, forgivable loan, unemployment funding and timing, stimulus package 2, second stimulus check. Third stimulus check. Third stimulus check package. January stimulus check package. Biden stimulus check package. State and local stimulus. Covid liability. New covid stream. 13-3 Federal Reserve Programs. Stimulus check update as of Friday 12-25-2020. The Second Stimulus check should arrive via direct deposit the week of December 28, 2020. Possibly December 30, 2020. Foreign aid spending in new stimulus bill. Stimulus checks instead of foreign aid. Pork in bill. Slush funds in new stimulus bill. Omnibus.

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  1. Bull the big deal it should not cost as much to get Americans money due to the IRS. If they can take money from us. How much does that cost per dollar to take?

  2. I'm an expat and taxpayer living in Costa Rica. Costa Rica receives approximately 40 million dollars in foreign aid annually.
    I won't even make you more upset, by telling you how much other Central and South American countries are getting in foreign aid annually.

  3. The missed point is that these values are per year, every year.

    Sure, we only donate .17% of our gdi. Thats 41billion annually. The 2nd closest is Germany being roughly 19billion behind. Despite America being the 3rd largest country in the world we give more than everyone else and everyone wants to hate us. We do the most , as always, to assist the rest of the world. But here we are being viewed as the global bully. The American people are vilified. "America's racist"… Who has helped africa the most since 1960? 800million people recieving aids treatment from American aid. Thats more than double our population. 1 billion+ out of poverty due to US agricultural aid. We're but 330million people. Can the rest of you step it up?

  4. Why not give the aid to state's who are broke and help them out instead of half billion to Israel….

  5. I got $23232 for 99 million Americans if you include all the money in the 2.3 Trillion dollar stimulus.

  6. I think your math is off because only people making under $75k get a check.

  7. At 4:12 So the US gives Egypt 1.4 billion dollars for "free" access? Translation it's a prepaid EZ pass. Nothing is free.

  8. f that, americans first! give us all 10K monthly payments and cut all other spending.

  9. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME: In this case, it should begin in the US, since the money is made up of US tax dollars. Our taxes, our money, our stimulus…. and it's not considered charity at all, but simple payback…. and more than fair.

  10. No matter what happens we can not let voter fraud get any legitimacy, this is trumps only reason for asking for the 2000 when he did. He knew his veto would not work to get his internet bill passed either.
    If Mitch doesnt like that the bill is not targeted enough he shiuld amend it to lower change the money bracket to not guve to thosr who dont need, but dont throw out the baby to starve cause tge other guy has enough. Geesh is that you hard to understand. Jyst admit why you are really not helping. But i guessbyou cant Mitch cause if u dobyou will be in even more trouble with the fearful leader!

  11. My daughter claim on 2019 I did not get the check the first one I did not get the second one will I get the third check if she don’t claim me in 2021?

  12. Why do these deep state, sell out traitors, china comprised politicians have any say? Why are they not locked up waiting for TRIBUNALS? Trump needs to pull the trigger on holding these people accountable, fire them, arrest them, hang them or let the people know your hands are tied so the people at least know they are on their own, give the people a fighting chance opposed to allowing these traitors to walk free, continue selling out the country without accountability!

  13. My daughter is in the navy in the middle east right now. They extend her deployment. She not happy. Lol

  14. Obviously you are a lefty because dictators like you dont know how to debate. I have pride for my country and wish for us to stay free, which includes the right to have a opinion without being chastized for having one. God Bless You and America!!!

  15. How about they deal with foreign aid in a bill written specifically for . . . FOREIGN AID

  16. Kevin I have to say that was very impressive! Sad to say though, I do think you have a future in politics in some form. May God have mercy on your soul 😝

  17. That’s fine i understand there are many reasons we send foreign aid. But do we need to put it in this bill right now? Keeping this money for ourselves which is OUR MONEY Right now. let’s worry. The whole point is don’t say it’s too much money to spend when Nancy pelvis said she wouldn’t go below 2 trillion and Trump and Mcconnell went to 1.8 trillion. But now they won’t go above 900 billion. ???