How can Moving Averages make trading simpler?

In trading, the Moving Average can show you many things on the price chart. It helps you determine the direction of the trend, it acts as support and resistance and also provides signals to open and close trades! Join this Live Webinar and we’ll show you the Power of the Moving Average! Welcome!
00:00 Intro
03:00 What is a Moving Average?
04:40 SMA (Simple Moving Average)
06:35 WMA and EMA (Weighted Moving Average / Exponential Moving Average)
08:20 Compare SMA, EMA and WMA
09:45 Moving Average on an UP and DOWN Trend
13:50 Moving Average in a Range
15:26 Moving Average Periods
18:43 Moving Average Support and Resistance
21:30 Moving Average Signals
27:10 Moving Average Indicators
28:45 “Sliding on Average” Strategy
30:45 Moving Average Advisor
33:20 QUIZ
36:08 Outro
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  1. What Moving Average do you use? SMA, EMA or WMA? What are your favorite MA's period settings? SHARE BELOW!

  2. Hello, Amrane! Thank you very much for appreciating our platform and your support! Please don't hesitate to send us a message via inbox if you have further questions and we will make sure to help. Cheers!
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  3. can i use these perids in ftt mode in 1 min good

  4. Angie, it's always interesting to hear you…You explain the concepts in a good way…

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  5. Account ID – 45695079USD
    Awesome and Indepth analysis on moving averages , thanks for the information 👍

  6. But nothing is better than support and resistance

  7. Nice webinar today.. please how many moving averages is ideal on a chart?

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