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How do you use call tracking metrics? In this video, I’m going to show you how to use call tracking metrics and why they’re so important.

So you’ve been running your business for a while now and have decided that it’s time to start looking into some of these new technologies like call analytics?

Don’t worry because in today’s video I’ll be guiding you through the basics of what exactly call tracking is, and how it can help you grow your business!

The first question I’m sure you’re going to have is this:

What really is call tracking?

Well, call tracking is a method of monitoring the online activity of customers and leads around your phone number, when they are in contact with your business.

It’s basically giving you the opportunity to review all of your numbers, in one convenient dashboard.

You’ll be able to see who your customers are calling from, and sort through this information to understand how well your current marketing is working!

So why would I want this data?

Well, even though some businesses may not want to rely on call analytics as a major source of lead generation, it can give you valuable data about how your business is growing.

So basically, call tracking has many benefits, and more importantly, it’s going to help you get new customers or grow your current customer base!

Ok, so just how do I use call tracking?

1. Find out which channels are working for you.

There is no point in having call tracking if you’re not going to use the data. Find out which channels are working for you, and start implementing them into your business model!

2. Use your visualization tools.

There’s no point looking at statistics that don’t make sense to you. Be sure to use the visualization tools, that are native to your call analytics dashboard for a more detailed analysis of your data.

3. Track mobile users’ data.

It’s always important to be tracking these calls as well because it shows you where your market is headed.

Call tracking can be your secret weapon to an effective marketing campaign.

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