How girls make money online in 2020 | Only Fans

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Idubbbz Video

Hey, do what you want with your body and if you can make money at it even better. I know this is outside my normal wheelhouse, but since I have so many friends who do this for a living it is something I wanted to comment on. Don’t worry, we’ll be back to motorcycles soon. Keep it weird y’all #shadetreearmy


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  1. Is your tongue split? I'm new to the channel.. I don't care about a youtubers girl selling pictures online….

  2. Vulst Homchan

    I miss the talking head 🙂

  3. Officer Boyz

    I was waiting for a moment of silence for huey haffners lifestyle work.

  4. Donna Shelto

    0:59 Yea I learnt to earn money with DollarTod.c om

    $500 in a week is reachable

    είναι ένα εργαλείο εργασίας για όλους

  5. Learn something new every day. Exploitation of your own sex life kinda sucks. No pun intended?

  6. I have, and will continue to watch thousands of hours of porn, just in case some of it offends me, so that I can complain about it, so far I've been unsuccessful.

  7. you're free to start an only fans if you want but don't ask for me to respect you for it.

  8. Chopper Marc

    Hahahahahaha good vid.

  9. Yet only fans girls still diss and talk sht on strippers 🤣😅 I have worked in the industry for 22+ years.

  10. I object to the censorship of ankles on YouTube. That looked like a pretty ankle. 😆

  11. ride4funn omg

    We are a fuct up species. Doomed.

  12. Intellectual superiority on display here my dude!.. Well said.

  13. Master Of none tv

    Respect others peoples opinions and dont project your morals onto other people! If only we could get the world to take that advice!!

  14. Invader Zimm

    Any suggestions on who to follow?

  15. Yogi's Cycle Service

    Pulling out the ole Holy Grail clip. Nice. Well played


    I agree think for yourself
    Better to REIGN in Hell than SERVE on your knees


    I wish my girl would. lets make some money

  18. I used to mess around with a girl back in the day and she used to sell her knickers online and made a lot of money. Silly amount of money really for what it was. But still pretty awesome the fact she could do that.

  19. I used to laugh when my cousin would tell me about going to the strip club and seeing chicks that blew him off in high school. Onlyfans is my generation's version of that scenario.

  20. Shadetree surgeon; not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need.

  21. Beardless Biker

    Amen brother. Amen.

  22. crocketgsxr6

    "Not My guy" -will look at other girls naked for free, will pay to see other girls naked but don't want others to do the same for "their" girl. When the only fans girls fins out most cam girls get the equivalent of 50 cents-$5 for a boob flash, then realize their purchased content has been put online by those customers for other to see for free anyway. (doesn't violate copyright). Sex workers call plumbers?………I think I have seen that video?

  23. Martin Devaney

    Is trumpy hockin it?

  24. Michael Hayward

    IMHO, this is comfortably the best vlog on this channel in some time. Well done.

  25. You're a champ. Entertaining, but on point too.


    one tip for online porn, always go for midget porn, its half the down load time.

  27. Larry Gammon

    My phone 😲spelling sucks 2 into 1 intake for a 03 shadow??? Vt750 spirit
    [email protected]
    Thanks for your heip

  28. Larry Gammon

    Hey i was wondering do your friends that did your 2 into i intake have noe for a 03 shadow vt750 spirit?
    Gammonlarry4 @gmail .com thanks

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