How i fixed $18000 overpayment balance for P.U.A unemployment

This is a detail vlog about my personal Journey with a pandemic unemployment insurance program (p.u.a) and how I was able to fix the overpayment balance error on my unemployment account. i had a overpayment balance of $18,615 as of 11/20/2020 i am clear of it as of 1/11/20.

For personal questions dm starla_da_queen appeal issue website

18336040774. p.u.a hotline

18776446562 unemployment redetermined dept
*do not tell the traditional unemployment people you are calling for a pua issue. simply ask for the redetermination department.


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  1. BosStonerMon

    I need your help girl

  2. I need help I just got hit with a none fraud overpayment. They say they over pay me. Now I have to pay over 24k

  3. Private Private

    You are amazing. Thank you !

  4. Maricelys Marrero

    I asked to speak to a redetermination line in Michigan and they said there not taking calls just working on cases 😢

  5. dave Mercado

    I been waiting for my unemployment since January was my last day of work we are now on June 2021 2 weeks ago they ask me for id verification wow

  6. Can someone help me with this situation because I just got this same problem today

  7. Rolling Thunder WWG1WGA

    I sell weed to be honest I can't prove my income legitimately now they want me to pay back pua how do I verify my income? Please help Its not illegal here in Oregon I'm a single mom and not well educated ty

  8. What do I need to show for proof of income? I have submitted tax returns, but was told that I need to provide substantiate proof? I have an overpayment of 25,000! I need to get this resolved as soon as possible. I have checks received for services in my checking account is that substantiated enough? Thanks

  9. Teresa Tucker

    Thank u babbyy

  10. loveforeignaccents

    Ohio is obviously much different than Illinois. It's an automated pickup/message no matter how early you call. You cannot speak to anybody. You leave a callback number, and I still haven't heard back, and I called two months ago. Glad you get your problem resolved!

  11. Roxy’s Mom

    Thank you!

  12. I just appealed a decision made by them. Months later after not needing the UI anymore(may of this year), they gave me a disqualification letter, then a overpayment notice. Their reason for the disqual was because I didn't find gainful employment. I had a job lined up before I made the jump. I didn't get fired for misconduct. I was trying to find work closer to home. I started the next job, but the next day, they had to shut down because Covid-19. I had no choice but to use the previous job for UI. I went ahead and appealed both the disqual, and overpay notice. Both of the faults for the overpay were on the agency, and not the claimant.

    I am going to need to call this PUA hotline.

    Edit: VA sucks. They don't answer the phone, but that overpay notice sure made its way to me.

  13. OMG! I am exactly in the same situation, I received 3 emails requesting the overpayment due to Identity, put fraud, and all that you are talking about, I temporary closed my business due to the Pandemic and because I end up with 0 zero customers so I had to shut down for business. apply for Unemployment Benefits got qualify for state and pua, so it only lasted about 4 months when I opened up again. So I stop my weekly claims. I never went back to check my PORTAL til I received the emails, and to my surprise I did had a message asking for "Document Information" they only give 48 hrs to respond, and because I didn't respond they put me on a "re-determination" of FRUD, IDENTITY, AND SUSPICIOUS PUA. so I file an Appeal, I am waiting for them to respond. but my point is how in the world would I knew that they where asking for this Documents? if they send this message to the " UNEMPLOYMENT PORTAL". THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR INFORMATION I WILL DEFINITELY TRY YOUR ADVICE, I WILL POST WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.

  14. Let’s Dance

    That you so much. This is by far the most helpful video for my situation. You can not get a hold of those and they expect people to just make payment without an explanation. Thank God I came across your video.

  15. Home hospice

    You should run the PUA program! Please hire her as a the regional director!

  16. You are an angle thank you so much for trying to help people.

  17. Jennifer Lopez

    I’ll forever be grateful to herickcard on telegram he’s the best in existence💯.

  18. Thank you sis

  19. Thank you…… bless you

  20. Mines not even 7days they put me back ineligible for pua eligible denied for no reason

  21. Twc lady tried to tell me this wasn't true I said what she said I never had to quarantine for 14 days when my place closed she said no the covid didnt effect me I said what I'm appealing right now I just got my eligibility back this is crazy

  22. David Shepherd

    Thank you sista one love.. this has been helpful.

  23. Marlean Greene

    I live in Texas i am self employed in retail , i have been reviving uninployment got a notice on April 19th saying i needed to id myself through id me so on April 29 th my id Went through i received 1 payment on may 6th on may 7th i got a notice saying i was ineligible because i was overpaid so now my account is froze , so i have no clue what to do next , i will be calling them Monday morning till i get some 1 that actually knows what i need to do because i have called them before till i was blue and they seem to know less than i do

  24. I just received mine and I owe 26k. I'm trying to appeal online but when I login it says 'no overpayment records show' but I revived physical mail?? Pls help

  25. This government ain't shit at times….. What happened to all that money that people paid into unemployment 10 years ago. Want to go back and get that money oh that's right they living off of it it off the black people.

  26. Great job! May you be blessed for your help to those in need.

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