How much Money Do you Need to Start Trading Forex in 2020?

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Note, please do your own due diligence before making a decision to do business with any financial brokerage. I will make a small affiliate commission should …


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  5. I dont get it, if most forex traders lose 50% and the succesful ones gain 10%, where does the extra money go?

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    Now I'm trading a bigger acc, I'm glad that I took a break and learn from mu mistakes. Good luck to you

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  19. You can start with as little as 10 dollars
    Start with a hundred
    Play it safe
    It will take time but the profits are great once you know and develop your strategy
    Good luck to you all.
    Much peace

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  21. i started trading forex woth only $20 with 0.01 lot. and let me tell you it is so freaking tough, the lack of balance power to sustain price movements constricts you to intraday trading which requires high exposure of market activity (depending on your Daily Target).

    but i love the challenge and i dont expect everyone to be successfull as Bill Gates by $20 investment. it pays good money for my cigarretes and bus tho

  22. its unfeasible for small cash now. my demo account does much better because of margins are broader.
    demo accounts are often 100k , you can trade a lot, risk more and profit even much bigger.
    100k is the number to go.

  23. Trading forex can be so risky mostly when you are trading by yourself. It's very important to start with small capital if you don't have a grinded knowledge on forex trading.

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  27. Things has actually changed since the day i started trading with @Hackcyber001 on instagram with my investment capital of $5,000 i was getting over $15,000 my first investment. It was something i never expected Gratitude


  29. I've been slowly losing my account throughout a month now and feel I might lose less if I knew how to research money news. Will you do a video about how to do NEWS research?

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