How to Access Unemployment Insurance & Individual Cash Assistance During COVID-19 | AOC

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Recording of a webinar about measures being taken on the local and federal levels to provide assistance during the Coronavirus pandemic, with a focus on direct cash payments and expanded unemployment benefits.


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  1. I was denied because I had to update my security license but I’m trying to explain this came right around COVID 19 I had my license for 7 years I would never , I like to work for mines !! So I have emails and text to my boss asking around April for extra hours and pay because we was working during the pandemic and it was hard to get other employment , I was buying extra products to stay safe my rent was getting backed up and I got sick around that time it wasn’t COVID but it was a flu type cause I throw up at work until I was throwing up green stuff , so this all had to with spending extra money and the stress of the pandemic. Do you think I will win with my explanation??

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  3. I applied in March 2020. I was told December 26th I exhausted my Benefits. I received a few more checks and then I received a letter saying they Overpaid me $8,560. But my 1099 says I recieved $ 15,278. But their saying I recieved $62,680 but I don't believe that is accurate

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  5. I haven't a payment send to me 12.13.2001 then I did I'd me then got tex back to me my picture was not clear so I call edd send id .driver lission it been 12day no money on bank card did the edd approve me

  6. Why haven't the Disabled Children that are 17 didn't get the first 2 stimulus since they cost morevto take care of

  7. Thanks Al I still don't qualify ,but still vote for your service, be safe

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  10. I filed may last year still continue to do work search logs wth….nothin

  11. We need to form a Cash Relief Now Immediately Party. It has 71% support among all Americans. We will easily become the majority party.

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  13. I recently got laid off I got determined to not be eligible even though I have the earned income I really don't understand why and I got laid off two months ago and have no help any suggestions or advice?

  14. I paid for my unemployment insurance…why don’t I get unemployment insurance?

  15. Yeah right. I hate when they use terms like available to everyone and ALL Americans. Liars. I’ve been waiting since MAY.

  16. Does anyone know how to resolve a pending issue "blocked bank account" on PEUC claim?

  17. Thanks a lot! I've waited 7 weeks in TN without unemployment. Still waiting, it says processing idk what to do. I'd rather go back 2 work but no ones hiring in rural TN and I'm out of gas money

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  24. My wife hade a now job see culd not get the now job be cus covr19 she did not have no i de be cus dmv is close